Clawfoot Tub - need a hot bath!!

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One of the double off-set supply lines on my clawfoot tripped me in the middle of the night and broke. The hot water line; almost scalded myself turning it off.

After staring at it for a while decided it was time to fix it. All it took was a tape measure to realize this isn’t a quick fix. The faucet is mounted on the tub 3” 3/8 – rough in plumbing on the floor 6” on center.

I don’t know how it was originally installed…wiggle – giggle – no tile – play in subfloor – can’t worry about that today.

I’m looking for a QUICK FIX so I can use the tub in the winter. Then deal with the chrome supply lines in the warm weather.

MY PLAN - ordered a braided stainless-steel hoses ¾” fit faucet perfect – ½” could not get it connected to the “straight stand up shut off valve”. Treads were close but would not reach the valve.


(Note: outlet threads not standard S.J. threads. Must use with solid tub supply tubes, not with stainless steel flexes)

Ok – that explains my problem, but not installing new valve…

I need something that I can put directly into the shut off valve sealing it so I can attach the ½” hose to it. (leak free)

I can’t find anything straight; only elbows or pieces that have a bend.

Before I schlep to the plumbing supply store and tell this story again…

Does something like this exist and am I on the “quick fix” right track.

Appreciate any help that can get me in my tub!!
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