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3.5 person household, municipal water, hardness level 10GPG according to Hach 5-B, thought this would be much higher, it definitely feels like it. Iron basically non-existent according to strip test.


So apparently we don't use much water at all compared to standard Americans. My past 4 water invoices billed every 3 months are as follows:
14K these last two invoices I was also watering a new very long area of grass seed every day for 2 weeks and also washing cars as its the warmer months. This has to be why its 2-3k gallons more.

Even If I rounded it down to 3 household members this is still way below the conservative estimate of 60 GPD per person. For the purpose of a softener purchase I've decided to round our usage up to 15k per billing cycle or 5k gallons per month.


15000/3=5k gallons per month. 5k/30=166 gallons per day. 166x10GPG=1666 1666x7= 11.6 lets round up to 12k GPG per week.

Is the standard to get a softener that will regenerate once per week? Many articles state this. Based on this math which is very conservative It looks like I can side down from what I initially thought. However on my dealers site there is only a $20 increase per .5cft of resin. $711 for 24k grains, $719 for 32k grains, $739 for 40k grains it doesn't break the bank nor save a ton of cash. But apparently I could go with a smaller unit if the goal or if its needed/instructed to regenerate once per week for the health of the unit. May be pushing it slightly in summer months.

Also in light of this info Im once again considering the whirlpool cabinet as it would suffice capacity wise or a cheaper (aquasure for $500) unit than the fleck 5600sxt. My main concern with the other units are the resin in the plumbing nightmare I've been seeing across these boards. Is this just due to cheaper internals? No sense saving $200 now to pay a plumber 1k next year.

With all the above, what do you think? Did I do this right? what size would you reccomend?
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