Bryant Evolution furnace fan running randomly

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Hi All,
I have a Bryant evolution system, and I've been noticing that the fan furnace fan occasionally runs even though there's no call to cool. In other words, the fan runs even though the AC unit is not running and the thermostat is not initiating a call to cool. The fan setting is set to Auto. If I turn the system off (via the thermostat) it does immediately stop the fan.

I haven't been able to get enough data yet to notice how long the fan runs, if there's any consistency as to what is causing it to run as its quite quiet so unless you are paying attention its tough to notice.

Anyway, was hoping someone had some thoughts as to what could be causing this.




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The fan is only controlled by the thermostat. What is your thermostat? I have a Honeywell WIFi unit that has a fan "circulate" setting. I use it all the time. The instructions read that the fan will run a minimum of 35 minutes per hour regardless. Many WIFI thermostats have this feature.

I have a two story home in Florida and the second floor can get very warm when the AC or heat pump is not running. The air handler is on the second floor. The circulation mode pulls the excess heat from the second floor and the cooler air from the first floor and redistributes the warm/cool air temps that makes it for a more comfortable house.
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