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Hi y’all,

I’ve got an annoying challenge. I’ve setup a 2500 gallon storage tank off my well which feeds into a dab esybox constant pressure pump. The suction line has negative pressure but nowhere near the vertical 26ft of max suction lift it’s rated for.

My tank is rather far from my pump though and I’m looking for help in figuring out where air is being trapped. im reasonably sure it is air and fairly confident it’s not from a leaking fitting.

my tank is across a shallow valley from my pump and my pump is mounted above the water level of the tank. It flows downhill towards the well house and then back uphill to the constant pressure pump. The tank was added after the well so I am reusing the original line from the submersible pump as my suction line and the submersible pump now feeds the tank. As a result where this connection is made I do have a section that comes up from the ground travels horizontal through a check valve (spring type) and then back down and up towards the house. where all of this happens is under positive pressure From the tank water height.

from there the suction line heads to the house through a 1.25” pvc ball valve and another check valve. There are three 90’s within a couple feet of the pump inlet. Here’s a drawing to show the distances in play. The submersible pump saver and control box are in the well house (wh) now.

how can I fix this?!



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It doesn't matter that the line is under positive pressure. The air in the water will accumulate in any high spot and then be gulped into the pump to make it loose prime. Long suction lines are not good for many reasons. It would be best to move the pump to the storage tank and PUSH the water all the way instead of sucking it so far.

On top of that the type pump you have is made to give problems and be expensive. Buying a pump that the pump company spends lots of money advertising and claiming to be the best is not a good idea. They advertise what they make the most money on, which in turn costs you the most possible.

A good jet pump with a PK1A constant pressure control kit would cost much less, last for 30+ years, and not give any problems, which is exactly why you will not see any pump company promoting the CSV.

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