Bidet Seats and Practical Circuit Needs

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I'm posting here, instead of the electrical forum, as I think more plumbers would have gotten feedback on actual functional issues.

Wiring 5 toilets as part of the remodel. Has anyone seen practical issues or have safety concerns with either:
a) putting a tank or tankless bidet seat on the same circuit as the 20A bath counter top circuit, when the 20A circuit serves only that bathroom?
b) putting two tankless bidet seats on the same 20A circuit?

Does a tankless model heat at max power (400-600w) once the person is done with the wash, or does the voltage drop down?

Long edition:
It appears NEC will permit us to have the bidet seat outlet on a 20A circuit used for countertops, and (for 2020, 2023), if it is dedicated to the bathroom. I can't imagine a toilet getting used at the same time as a hair dryer. However, if the tank variety (may have at least one) continues to heat-up at max power after the wash, I can see a possible OCPD tripping if someone's morning routine has them drying their hair afterwards.

In terms of (2) S550e seats on one 20A circuit, they are rated at 1228w, and max power consumption of 1440w, however, in practical use with our settings, I was seeing well < 1000 watts (maybe 700-800). Maybe if the supply water was at 32 and the seat and water temp cranked up we'd see the actual rated watts in use. And that would need to happen for 2 seats... at the exact same time.

210.23(A)(1) seems to indicate the NEC restriction sufficient ampacity to cover 125% of the load for one cord and plug device.

Guessing neither is a practical issue, but would be great to hearing from those with feedback from installs in the field. I don't want to be short sighted, but am also at the tipping point of needing yet another subpanel.
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