Best way to extend propane line to generator?

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I need to relocate LP generator to another side of the house.
Currently, the house is supplied by underground tank.
1/2 OD copper plastic jacketed line runs underground from 10psi regulator on tank to outside wall of house.
There it goes through a 2nd stage regulator and into the house where it is distributed by CSST.
The new generator location is closer to the regulator.
I can run the new line along the wall of the house to the new location.

1) Can I put a 3/8 flare Tee in the copper (10 psi) line and run a jacketed copper line along the side of the house and terminate in the new 2nd stage regulator next to the generator? I will protect line from physical damage.

2) Alternatively, can I install 2nd stage regulator to Tee next to existing regulator, then run either CSST or black pipe to generator?

I like #1 better since the copper pipe is small and easy to protect. Is it ok to run the 10psi along outside of house? Then regulate just before generator connection.

If #1 isn't ok then black pipe or CSST seem the way to go, regulated down to 10-12 in wc.

Generator is 8kw, calls for 63 cf per hour max, which I believe is 157k Btu. Run is less than 30 feet.
Is black pipe OK for use with propane? What size would I need for this run at the 12 in wc pressure?

Thank you, Bryan

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