1. Valofthenorth

    Well pump replacement question

    Hello Jason here, I’m a homeowner looking to replace 1/2 horsepower submersible pump at 150’ well depth seems to be original to 1985 or around the period as the pump and pressure switch are solely two wires one black one red as far down in well as can see. Newer 2 wire pump wiring seems to have...
  2. thevictors51

    Terminating an Indoor wire in an outdoor Junction Box

    I have a switch inside that controls one light inside by the basement sliding door (like a security thing to make it seem like someone is home). I am planning on getting rid of it and wiring a switch to a junction box outside to control some outdoor lights that we would install in the future...
  3. Rebekah Rich

    Rust around element/thermostat

    Hello, I am in need of some advice. My 50 gallon electric water heater was recently leaking at the connection from the cold water supply. That's been fixed, and still no hot water- so I opened up the bottom panel and discovered the insulation was wet. Turned out the leak had caused a lot of...
  4. Glo

    Well failure?

    Pretty serious problem, don't know what to do next. New pressure tank, new pressure switch, new control box, new inside plumbing. No water. Pulled the pump, had it checked. It's good and pumps strong. Isolated all wiring [well wire, control box wiring to the well outside of the house and to...
  5. John2020

    Replacing Furnace Blower Motor - Wiring Question

    Want to Verify New Blower Motor Wire Placement on Rheem Control Board I am replacing the blower motor in my 14-year-old Rheem Furnace. The new OEM replacement motor has a yellow wire that the original motor did not have. I need help with the wire placement of all the wires (Black, Blue, Red...
  6. KPA49

    Electric Double Oven trips the breaker - sometimes

    After 14 years of normal use, our Kenmore Double ovens started tripping the breaker. Remedies: 1. Replaced the breaker 2. Ovens worked for a few days - then tripped the breaker again 3. Following several service calls on the ovens - we replaced the ovens 4. Ovens worked well for a couple of...
  7. Masonb09

    Multiple Zones on 1 Valve

    Good morning, first time posting here. So I have been having some issues with my Weathermatic irrigation system. I noticed my sprinklers in the back yard were not coming on, as well as my MVP solenoid was broke (MVP box had the manual lever set to on, no wire nuts or waterproofing, and it was...
  8. lamby22

    Zone wiring--3 zones 2 thermostats wire so 1 zone runs if either of the 2 come on

    1 zone per floor --1st floor zone 1, 2nd floor zone 2 and basement zone 3 .. nest thermostats on 1st and 2nd. i DO NOT want a thermostat in cellar. right now cellar(3rd zone) has a modine that comes on when 1st floor calls for heat BUT we have a fireplace which keeps 1st floor from coming on...
  9. Scott Baz

    Wiring help with thermostat and condensor

    I removed old thermostat and only had a 2/22 wire red/white (I have ran a new 5/22 wire) Looked at furnace wiring and have 2 black wires from Fan limit switch (one on 24vac transformer other on gas valve terminal) White wire to thermostat on other gas valve lug, then red wire from thermostat to...
  10. DIYJoe59

    Outlet for garbage disposal has power but switch won't turn it off

    My installed disposal stopped working. I unplugged it and plugged it back into the outlet (top one) that is wired for it, and it worked but then the switch (which is above the counter) didn't turn it off. I'd reset the unit and the circuit breakers. Tried again to unplug and plug it in--same...
  11. mechD

    Disposal Wiring Puzzle

    We recently had counter top replaced and had to move the disposal switch after cutting down a bi-level counter. After moving a light switch and the disposal switch we were still using the sink (including the disposal with the new switch that was working perfectly fine) and limited surfaces...
  12. Tim H15

    Can I organize sump pump wires all together or do they need space between

    hi. Wanting to zip tie together the power cord for the main sump pump and the wiring (switch, pump, charger) for the backup pump. Can I do this or do they need to be separated? Thought I read somewhere you shouldn’t put them all together but can’t verify that. Thx.
  13. Rob Fender

    Electric Boiler Wiring

    I'm installing an Electro Industries EB-S-23 electric boiler. Not being an electrician by trade (Architect / own house builder), I have a concern about my 200 amp service, with two 100 amp sub-panels. The electric boiler I'm installing states it uses 94 amps, with two 60 amp breakers and one...
  14. Cephus

    Question about Ceiling Fan wiring

    Bought a new house 4 months ago and one of the first things I noticed is that the old owners had used a non-ceiling fan rated plastic box, which had broken. So I took down the fan and planned to replace the box and reinstall it relatively quickly. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Work got...
  15. Chewology

    Lost one leg of power need help.

    Ok I have a 1500sq home wired on a 200amp service. I have a garage wired with the main power outside ran constantly live to a 100 amp service 6 guage wire. There's a appartment above the garage. Was wired this way to prevent lights in my home from flickering etc. (I did not do this). it's worked...
  16. Jriker1

    Finding short in Cat5e cable

    I am in the process of cleaning up my cables and as part of it testing all connections. One cat5e wire that snakes thru the walls and I can NOT replace as it's not going to pull around the bends, is showing what seems like a short according to my simple tester. It goes thru wire 1, 2, 3, 4...
  17. Stanly Kristan

    3 wire well pump , wired directly to pressure switch?

    Hello everyone! Im new to well pumps . I purchased one hell of a fixer upper and the first thing i noticed was the insane hydro bill! i run leds for all my lights so it can only really be traced back to our well pump. I have no info on the pump from the previous owner. All i know is that its a...
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