1. ConcernedHomeowner101

    Weird water leak

    Hello, I have a weird plumbing issue and hoping one of you can shed some light on it. The faucet knob in my bathtub is broken and there is no way to stop the water. So I stopped the main water into the house and called a plumber. Now I noticed that there is no water coming in any of the...
  2. LawdElpus

    CPVC for venting EXHAUST oh no you didn't!

    4 story condo. Built in 2005. All the exhaust vents for WH and Furnace are CPVC and some are turning brown. WH installer refused to hook up new one until the CPVC gets replaced. It sounds like even PVC will be a no-no soon. 2 families are suing over CO deaths attributed to CPVC. We have to RIP...
  3. Borfnoo

    Worth it to replace anode?

    I've got a 50 gal Whirlpool electric water heater that has been running for 10 years pretty much untouched on city water with no softener. The warranty expired 4 years ago which means the stock anode is probably used up. Is it even worth it to replace the anode at this point? My city water is...
  4. oldhouseand74

    Water heater .. a thanksgiving mystery??

    Good afternoon & thanks in advance for your help & advice I have an American water heater, “FG” series from 2005. I recently awoke to my water heater spraying approximately 6 gallons of hot water out of my tpr valve along with significant condensation on the copper water pipe running into it...
  5. Devin G

    My Waterheater is Splitting Down the Side.

    Hello I just bought my new house and maybe two months after I bought it the water heater is now split down the side and the top looks like it's popping off. Water heaters covered under niba Home Warranty but only if it's leaking the bulge doesn't count or so they say. What should I do
  6. bgbs

    How do I flush my Champion Water Heater

    I have no idea how to flush my aged Champion Water Heater: model# RMI5035SN9 (apparently the internet or google cannot find any information on this manufacturer or model) I watched Youtube video about connecting the hose and unscrewing the little handle with a screwdriver, but my heater has a...
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