water hammer

  1. paulevergreen


    Hello, I'm a G.C. looking for someone to help me figure out bathroom remodel water hammer issue. I completed 2nd story master bathroom remodel project in Northern California in an older home built around the turn of the century. We converted a giant master bathroom into a normal size master...
  2. reynchr

    Fixing Water Hammer at Valve

    I just recently completed a remodel of my kitchen. I am hearing water hammer symptoms when using the kitchen faucet. Can I install water hammer arrestors outside my wall at the between the supply and the shut off valves, or will that not work as intended? The supply lines that I hear the noise...
  3. water_bender

    Long pipe run uphill from well to home

    I am designing a water system for a single family home, and I have some questions. Here is the situation: The well will be located way down a hill from the home. Pipe run from well head to home will be about 1100 feet long. The elevation difference is 150 feet. The well might end up being about...
  4. Nish

    Single Thud sound from cold water pipe by the boiler after flusing

    Hi guys, Thank you in advance for your response and the previous forums on this site. I have read through almost all the water hammer problems that were posted on these threads and I think my problem is slight bit different. I am the first owner of this newly built house in 2007. It has been...
  5. Schroedad

    Loud jackhammer / vibration when faucets are open

    We recently had our home completely re-plumbed starting where the main 3/4" copper line enters the house in the basement. The plumbing is a branched Wirsbo system. There is a PRV right after the main shut-off valve inside the basement. When we turn on various combinations of faucets, a very...
  6. BK2thefullest

    Banging/Knocking sound when tenants flush. Water Hammer Arrestors have been installed. HELP Please!

    Here is the thread I already have going on to catch you all up to speed. Its a lot of info. http://www.brownstoner.com/forum/#!/general-discussion:master-plumber-help-despera
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