water hammer arrestor

  1. A

    How to fix Water hammer in pump process system

    I just finished a project at my first internship/co-op that involves making a pump system automated. Basically, the operator will type in the pressure setpoint, and a variety of devices will work together to increase the pump to pressure. The pump I am using is a Haskal 4b-14 pump. I have a...
  2. D

    Water Hammer Arrestor - 1/2" Threads

    I installed a Woodbridge Bidet toilet, and it uses a 1/2" MIP thread to connect to the toilet. Ref here: https://www.woodbridgebath.com/home/product/detail/id/1361 You can see the 1/2" braided hose in the second pic on the left side. While I can certainly sweat in a WHA, I would rather...
  3. moflow

    Sioux Chief Water Hammer Arrestor - Problem Solved?

    Anyone have trouble with Sioux Chief Mini Arresters for water hammer? I poured vinegar into a failed Sioux Chief Mini Arrestor used on a washing machine, let it soak for 90 minutes or so, rinsed it thoroughly, and replaced. The Arrestor is now working perfectly. I'm not sure if the fix is due...
  4. L

    Water hammer (cannot find a posted solution)

    Long story short, I had zero issues with my plumbing before I hired a "contractor" to fix my irrigation system due to no pressure. Since then, I now have a water hammer with every all water sources, except my washer. I had turned off, drained, closed all but highest, turned back on, let run for...
  5. Caryncbreeef

    Rough plumbing question IPC code, hot water heater, water hammer

    So I have all the dvw done, started running the waterlines. I’ve done as much investigation and reading of the code as possible, and before I post I really try to find out for myself. But I have not been able to find an answer to this question. When I look at the rough in requirements, they talk...
  6. WorldPeace

    Installing Water Hammer Arrestor at the End of a Long Pipe Run

    Location of a Water Hammer Arrestor. I'm trying to minimize the water hammer emanating from my fixtures. I know they are typically placed as close as possible to the fixture's valve. But, instead of placing one at every single fixture, I was thinking about creating a whole-house arrestor by...
  7. meeotch

    Thermal expansion and water hammer arrestor - three questions

    I just had my 40 gal water heater replaced. On its first heating cycle, the pressure release line squirted out 1-2 cups of water. I opened the manual, and on page 6 was a giant warning about thermal expansion tanks being required in the presence of a backflow preventer (which my building does...
  8. PipeDreamz

    Thoughts on Water Hammer Arrestor Before PRV?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get feedback on setting up my incoming house water line as: shutoff ball valve > water hammer arrestor > PRV I share a curb stop city main with my neighbor that has a lawn irrigation system hooked up on their side. I currently do not have a PRV and my pressure...
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