1. J

    Navien NPE 240a NG pipes vibrating

    Navien is about 8-9 years old and never had any problems until the last year . When we use the hot water the pex will vibrate like crazy for 5-20 seconds. Cold water is fine. Sounds as if the flows restricted on the incoming line? I will double check the main shit off is all the way open...
  2. Phelpdk

    How to confirm water hammer??

    This past winter I starting noticing a LOUD thudding noise that vibrates my whole house. At first it would only last 15 - 20 seconds. As it was seemingly coming from my basement where all the mechancial "guts" of my home are, my first guess was that it was my hot water heater vibrating from...
  3. Pennstump

    Vibrating / Chattering Pipes Behind PRV

    Hi. Newbie here. I've searched for help on this topic all across the Internet and I couldn't find anything. So, I thought I'd ask the pros. I have pipes at the main that sometimes violently vibrate / chatter. This seems to happen during medium to heavy flow. Here's my setup: Water comes up...
  4. Nikkiz43

    Vibrating pipes when spigot is off

    I can't for the life of me figure this one out. Maybe you all can help a lady out. I noticed a vibrating sound coming from my pipes when I turn water off in the house. All pipes are quiet until I use water and as I turn off any of the faucets the vibration starts and continues for about 20...
  5. JoyfulLiving789

    Well Question on vibration/shaking

    Hi, I live in a cottage on a large property and we share a well that is up the hill from the cottage. the lines for the well run under the cottage and distribute through the property. I've lived here 10 months now and a few months ago, the area where they run under the cottage has been more...
  6. JDean

    New with well vibration!

    i have just recently built a new home in western Nebraska. had a well drilled with a M 1.5 3 phase 25GS15 Gould’s pump. Since day one of operation, we hear a loud humming/vibration whenever we turn the water on to any part of the house...the humming sounds like somebody driving into the yard...
  7. Frank L

    Vibrating Water Feed Pipe

    My pipes vibrate when my submersible well pump engages. The feed pipe from the well to the pressure tank vibrates as well as the copper pipes entering / exiting the pressure tank. The pump engages at 40 PSI and shuts off at 60 PSI. The vibration starts when the pump engages and ends prior to...
  8. Schroedad

    Loud jackhammer / vibration when faucets are open

    We recently had our home completely re-plumbed starting where the main 3/4" copper line enters the house in the basement. The plumbing is a branched Wirsbo system. There is a PRV right after the main shut-off valve inside the basement. When we turn on various combinations of faucets, a very...
  9. Anthony V Jr

    Odd vibration from well pipe with power off

    Hello all. Is there any reason why the pipe going into the house from a submersible well pump would be vibrating slightly when the power is off? Vibrating enough that you can hear the humming of the vibration in the tank? I shut off the well pump breaker to diagnose something (and even...
  10. Desert Fred

    Well Pressurization pump causes oscillations in home plumping system

    I have lived in my current rural home for about 20 years. I have a well with two 80 gal surface pressure tanks and a 2000 gallon reservoir. The well and all tanks are located about 100 yards from the home with a 1.5 inch underground supply line to the house. It is a two floor home with two...
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