vent line

  1. mrrauch

    Updating 1920s cast iron plumbing in new bathroom layout

    Hi all, I've learned so much by reading all the comments on this forum, but this is the first time posting a problem of my own! Looking forward to hearing some feedback, if you all have time during these crazy weeks! I'm remodeling my second floor bathroom (under NYC Plumbing Code, 2014 - ie...
  2. Rdel

    Connecting new 2nd story bath drain in crawlspace

    Hello. I am needing to tie in a new drain line coming from a new 2nd story bath as part of 2nd story addition project. The drain line from the 2nd story ends up in the crawl space and will meet the condition as shown in the photo. I have also drawn a simplified sketch showing what each line...
  3. Shari

    Need AAV help, please

    I have a slow draining bathtub and I believe the problem is inadequate venting. The bathroom is located in an area that is similar to a basement. It’s a hillside house and the back wall and part of the sides of the first floor are concrete. When the plumber did the work, many years ago, AAVs...
  4. The Undertaker

    Gurgling Kitchen sink

    My kitchen sink is gurgling. It started off as a slight gurgling sound but now its a longer gurgling sound. No water is coming up though. The noise happens after the following: -after running the water in the kitchen sink (heavy sounding) -the washing machine drains its water (heavy sounding)...
  5. Brayburn

    Washing machine drain line vent question

    Hi! We are doing a remodel upstairs and need to arrange a "temporary" (read 6 months) laundry room in the lower level (still above grade garage). The water supply was easy - tapped into existing hot/cold from a nearby utility sink. The drain is a little more challenging, but not bad. I...
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