1. water_tight

    Propane Inlet Code & Inspection Confusion (IRC 2015)

    This is for a new piping system to feed propane (LP) to a new gas stove in the State of Connecticut which is governed by International Residential Code 2015 (IRC 2015). According to "G2421.2 (410.2) MP Regulators": 5. A tee fitting with one opening capped or plugged shall be installed between...
  2. JAWittekind

    Need help deciphering these markings

    Hello, all! This is my first post, so thanks for having me. I am chasing a hot water union between original galvanized piping and a copper addition. Unfortunately, it appears to disappear into a concrete slab. There are markings on the slab and would like to have some idea what they might mean...
  3. Curiousv

    Should I prefer PEX elbow fitting or that bend support for 90 degree angle

    Please look at pic ..I have removed old valve as advised by many on this forum. So now using PEX upward of pipes you see in pic ... I have to make 2 90 degree turns with PEX so should I use those bend support or cut PEX and make elbow .. I am going to use clamp type ring (not sharkbite type...
  4. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Bradford White Anode Inspection

    Here near Holland MI, the local vendor Baumann & DeGroot installed my Bradford White, power-vented gas water heater without any unions. On a Bradford White water heater, the sacrificial anode is integral with the hot water outlet. And so, for lack of a union, the sacrificial anode cannot be...
  5. Mjchevalier

    Can I fix this water heater or is it time for a new one?

    I have an older water heater in my townhouse and my wife noticed there was some water pooling up on the top of it. I took some pictures and have attached them. The water seems to be coming from right where the union nipple goes into the water heater. I am getting the most water from the cold...
  6. caddywhompus

    Pool Heater addition inline

    I have a Coleman 16' x 48" pool that I am adding a pool heater to. I am having issues finding the right fitting to create a nice watertight seal. The threads on the pool pump outlet are 2" NPT male with a gasket. The threads on the matching flex tube are a 2" NPT female, with a flat surface for...
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