1. Smodderman

    Reverse Osmosis waste water expected flow

    Good day, I have been trying to troubleshoot my RO system. I had an under the sink PUR RO system for about 3 months until it stopped producing water. the waste water runs all day and night yet nothing ends up in the tank. I tried replacing the RO membrane (High TDS water, maybe it failed early)...
  2. hamburgerhelper

    2005 Culligan Medallist 8" Issues City Water

    Got a 2005 Culligan Medallist 8" softener (think this link to pdf manual is for it) that came with our house, hooked up to city water, think it's giving me issues. Few months back we were having intermittent loss of water pressure for maybe a 3 week period, only hot water though, but it'd only...
  3. Liam313

    Troubleshooting - No Hot Water with Kohler Universal Valve

    Hello, I have a Kohler single-handle universal valve (K8304-K-NA) installed on a recent renovation. It was working properly when installed, but after several months no hot water flows when turned on (gradually got worse). I am trying to troubleshoot what the source of the problem is and what...
  4. Richard Schrodeer

    Delta Freestanding Tub Filler Installation

    We recently remodeled our bathroom and decided to install a Delta Freestanding tub filler, wanting to make sure it was installed correctly we hired a plumber. At the time the floor had been ripped out, since then we installed cement backer board and tile. When we went to finish the...
  5. Jim Bassuk

    New install of acrylic Kohler 1121 seems unstable on its mortar

    I am building a new undermount tub and have followed the relevant threads on this forum, which correctly point out that there are no specific guidelines about how to go about this. So I built a nice 2x6 frame such that the tub's lip will hover about 1 inch over the 2x6 frame. My thinking here...
  6. LarryLeveen

    Troubleshooting Dead Outlets in Detached Workshop

    I moved into a house with a great detached workshop, except that several AC receptacles don't work: - one outside GFCI receptacle does not work, and neither the test nor reset buttons appear to function even when pressed firmly - four (of the eight) inside receptacles along two adjacent walls...
  7. Dude051

    Resin in Water

    Hello All, I have been visiting the forums for a long while and within the last year I purchased a Fleck 7000sxt 48,000 Grain system from an online site. Everything went great with the install but I have been plagued with three issues, which I think may be all be related in some way. Thanks to...
  8. Jimmy H NYC

    Water Heater Recharge Troubleshooting

    I have an AO Smith 50-gal XCVT 50 (series 100) gas-fired water heater. Built 11/2007, so I don't think it is one of the recall models. Seems lately not to be recharging like it used to. Is there a way to actually test the recharge performance using a clock, a thermometer and a bathtub, or...
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