1. Margeson

    Will check valve work to fool Delta scald guard shower valve?

    We have a Rinnai tankless water heater, natural gas powered, new 2021. Set to 130 degrees F. Home has good water supply 60PSI very consistent. No issues with water heater. Four sink faucets produce hot water perfectly. 2 baths have Delta shower faucets, new 2021, with scald guard. I...
  2. Ajbennett60

    Tee in near well head for irrigation?

    Hey there new to all this. I have a 15 gpm well in my pasture and my pressure tank is in my house 300' away. I am hoping to tee in very close to the well head and put a valve/spigot a couple feet away to water wine grapes 500' in the opposite direction and uphill 30 feet max. I've read that if...
  3. KBradley

    Well Pump & Pressure Tank - layout/plumbing advice

    Need to replace my pressure tank. Going with a larger Pentair WM-14WB (47 gal) fiberglass tank and a conventional tee at the bottom with integral pressure gauge & cut-off switch. Originally wanted to go with the Flex-Lite FL17, but no stock anywhere, unless you want to pay double the price...
  4. Boltnut

    Dual Purpose Water Supply Line

    Hello Everyone! I have an IBC tote in the front yard and use a transfer pump to store water in a 2400-gallon storage tank in the backyard. This supply line is 1.5" PVC above ground. I have a 2" underground supply line running from the 2400-gallon storage tank up to the house pump. Well, in...
  5. Scott Morey

    PEX Pressure drop issue

    I have a 2nd story bathroom with 1/2" PEX running directly to the shower mixer from the 3/4" supply manifold downstairs (maybe 20 feet away). I installed a bar sink on the opposite side of the wet wall and installed a tee fitting with cinch clamps to tap into the 1/2" PEX lines that are...
  6. DIY_Graham

    Master Bedroom Redo.

    I am in the middle of a master bedroom redo. I am moving the toilet to where the shower was. I am adding another vanity where the toilet was. I am moving the shower to where a tub was. The tub is gone. I am refreshing my plumbing code from the last project I did adding a basement bath many...
  7. tethys

    Adding 2nd Sink and Plumbing Complexities

    Hi all, I was pointed in this direction by a dear friend with many years in the reno business. I am currently gutting a master bath, and moving a sink from one wall to another to join an existing sink. To put it a bit more simply, I'd like to install a double sink vanity on a wall where a...
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