stinky situation

  1. Mjchevalier

    Sewer gas smell in bathroom is a mystery?

    I own a 2 story townhome on a slab with no basement. Our downstairs bathroom has had a sewer smell develop in it and I also noticed the toilet was rocking side to side. I pulled it off to find a broken pvc closet flange. Replaced the flange and set it back on with a new thick wax ring with no...
  2. Nils Hammerbeck

    Non vented plumbing in Costa Rica

    Greetings. I'm a CA architect living in Costa Rica. I confess I don't know plumbing logistics too well. Neither do the locals. I'm living in a jungle house that's about 15 years old, and all fixtures were installed without roof venting. It's on a septic tank with a leach field. There is a...
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