1. mkeenan

    Replacement 3 hole bath valves for 1950s home

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on replacing my bath valves and I'm not real sure where to start. I've actually already replaced these once 16 years ago, but the local parts store that I bought the parts from no longer sells them and I didn't keep the information. I'd like to replace the...
  2. solidcell

    Help identifying a supply shut off valve

    I was shutting off the water supply via the shut-off valves shown (circled in red) in order to replace the shower valve cartridge. However, they're in pretty bad shape and leaking a bit as I was turning them to the off position. I need to find replacement stems for them, but I'm not sure how to...
  3. John Valetutto

    Can't remove bath fixture stems, late 1800's

    Hello, I recently purchased an old house built in the late 1800's. The bath tub has three separate knobs. One for hot, cold and a drain. I can't seem to figure out how to remove these fixtures to replace them. I see a nut back there on the hot and cold. But when I loosened them, they just slid...
  4. Terry

    Phister 8" center stems?

    Who knows what stems this Phister faucet takes?

    Help Identify old shower stem from the 50s

    Hey my name is Rocky, i have a leaky shower stem pulled it out and the washer/bushing at the end is torn and degraded. i need to replace or rebuild. problem is i have no idea what make the stem is. Has 12 splines and is roughly 5 7/8 long. As the title says, i need help to identify it. the house...
  6. tseiple

    Savoy tub socket, valve stem nut is not hexagon

    I am helping a neighbor with a leaky hot water shower faucet in a house that dates from the late-50s early 60s. The stem has a 15-point broach. But the main nut (not the packing nut) is round with two opposing flat areas, instead of hexagon, so a cowbell would not fit. Can't quite get pliers...
  7. demeeder

    Shower faucet brand help

    I have a broken handle on my shower faucet and I can't seem to find what brand it is. Hardware stores don't carry handles to fit this stem and online searches are not helping me nail down this type. Appreciate any help out there. Thanks!!
  8. Reno Weary

    Need to identify faucet stem manufacturer

    The cold-water right faucet handle on my bath sink has become stiff to turn. Neither the stem mechanism nor the handle or faucet have any i.d. on them. I would like to replace the stem mechanism to repair the problem. Would you try to identify at least the manufacturer? I read that Savoy...
  9. Nik Francis

    Help Identifying Shower Valve / Stem / Cartridge

    Hey forum! Need help identifying shower components. 1952 block home in Tampa Bay, FL. Sprung a leak, again. Washers have been replaced twice, so we think its time for a new stem or cartridge (probably need a water softener too). Not sure what the difference is between a valve, stem, and...
  10. david7117

    Stem identification help, lav 3 hole faucet

    Hi, I need new seats or stems for my lavatory 3 hole faucet. Can anyone help me identify the brand? Thanks in advance! Dave
  11. CubGirl

    Rebuilding Sterling faucet

    hi everybody, i already paid a plumber who absconded after he was paid, so i need to do this work myself!! (dumb i know, but i really thought he'd return... now i'm glad he didn't come back -- his work was no good.), anyway, i have a sterling faucet, at least a sterling stem came out of it...
  12. kathleeng24

    Help identifying faucet stem part

    I am having difficulty identifying the brand of this faucet stem and where I can purchase it. The house was built around the 1940s/1950s and I do not believe this part has been replaced since then. I have tried going to several stores, but have had no luck. I attached a photo of it for...
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