1. Psarkis

    Sewer gas from shower drain and water pooling on tiles. Help!

    We purchased a 1971-built home in Palm Springs about 2 years ago. It was a fresh renovation, which included replacing the tub in the master bath with a tiled shower. About 8 months ago, we noticed two things happening: there is a persistent sewer gas smell from the shower drain that gets worse...
  2. texbob

    Almost no pressure in 4 out of 6 zones

    What would cause low pressure in 4 zones - 1, 2, 4 and 6 (entire front yard and zone 6 in the back of the house)? Water barely trickles out of each sprinkler head in these zones, but pressure is fine in zones 3 and 5. There are 3 anti-siphon values (see attached drawing indicated by v v in...
  3. JSA112233

    Plumbing a tub. Can I do this?

    New-ish diyer here. Im wondering if i can do this for my bathtub drain. I know there needs to be a vent after the trap to prevent a siphon from forming and pulling the water out of the trap. I am confined to a small area and the vent cant really be placed anywhere else. Im wondering if i can do...
  4. ngmtl

    In Double Vanity Drain Challenges

    Ran into a couple issues while testing out the drain configuration I came up with for a double vanity retrofit (Note: I had to make the decision early on to split the waste line in the vanity as opening up the plumbing wall to get dedicated lines into the stack was not practical [shared wall...
  5. Dylan

    Washer sipon break install

    My standpipe drain for the washer is about 30 in and it's supposed to be 36 in. Going to install the siphon kit. Is heat pruf grease ok for conbections? And what's the best way to cut corrugated plastic tubing? Appliance shop installer should have put this in but they just installed as is and...
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