sioux chief

  1. moflow

    Sioux Chief Water Hammer Arrestor - Problem Solved?

    Anyone have trouble with Sioux Chief Mini Arresters for water hammer? I poured vinegar into a failed Sioux Chief Mini Arrestor used on a washing machine, let it soak for 90 minutes or so, rinsed it thoroughly, and replaced. The Arrestor is now working perfectly. I'm not sure if the fix is due...
  2. jbg_diy

    Sioux Chief 887-GPM PushTite

    I’m curious if anyone has used the Sioux Chief 887-GPM Push Tite in cast iron. I’ve seen pictures of the actual product with a sticker saying it can be used in CI but their tech sheet online says its for schedule 40 DWV pipe. Picture added by Terry Love
  3. Terry

    Shower leaking through ceiling below. The repair with a JackRabbit drain.

    Sometimes I will get a call about a leak showing up in a ceiling below a bathroom. What I find when checking with a moisture meter may be that it's right under the shower drain. Sometimes those drains were installed with plumbers putty, and over time it' loosens up, especially with people in...
  4. Terry

    Sioux Chief Push-Tite closet flange

    Sioux Chief makes a replacement closet flange that allows for raising the height. This is their 3" inside pipe version. Where I started A few shims to raise things. The Push-Tite dropped in and snugged up with the closet bolts, washers and nuts. In this case I was installing...
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