1. D

    Help me switch out this shower head

    I am trying to remove and replace the showerhead in the picture. I don't know the brand. When I unscrewed the showerhead, I found the brass piece shown in the 2nd and 3rd pictures. That appears to be the socket part of the showerhead ball and socket joint. I tried to unscrew it, but it would not...
  2. Microfiche

    3/4" NPT shower head?

    Just bought a house built in 2006 and the overhead rain shower head is not really working very well so I thought I would replace. The rest of the shower trim is all Moen, but the shower head is Opella with no model number anywhere, just says max 2.5 GPM. Where can I find a similar 3/4" NPT rain...
  3. Nes3p

    Tankless Water Heater ruining appliances and clogging pipes!

    Hello. We installed an electric tankless water heater a couple of years back. Ever since, we have had to occasionally take the hose off the back of the washing machine (stops getting hot water to it) and clean it out as it has become clogged with sediment/scales or whatever it is . Our shower...
  4. mha

    Faucet and Head don't fit - adapter?

    Hey guys, I have a shower faucet that measures 1 in diameter, and am trying to fit a standard 1/2 in shower head onto it. Anyone know of an adapter that can fit this?
  5. kerry ann

    Shower valve question, please

    Sorry if this question has already been asked. I am a homeowner, not a plumber, but I am responsible for acquiring all my materials. "I" am building a walk in shower, with a shower head and a hand held shower only. I purchased a kohler shower head kit on clearance at a big box store. It is for a...
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