sewer clean out

  1. Laostrich

    Do I need a clean out on Bath 3?

    Hi all! Finally found a right plumber to do my third and last bathroom. Do I need a clean out? I have a crawl space that is 3ft high and there is a removable vent cover right by. The house is about 50ft long and so far there are three total including one main at 2-3ft away from the house...
  2. Gbwilliams

    Main Sewer Drain Line Inverted Tilt

    New homeowner of a house built in 1996. The house has a sewage drain line that runs about 15 yards from the side of the house to the street in front. Had a plumbing inspector do a sweep of the home a few weeks back. He happened to check the drain vent outside, and found standing water. He then...
  3. Rodsgal

    Bad smell in new addition

    A few years ago we added onto our house. The addition now sits on part of what was the backyard. The sewer clean out pipe is now covered by the addition, but it was capped off and relocated by a professional plumber. Each fall when the temperatures begin to drop a bad smell comes from that...
  4. tbh8644

    Sewer line. Needing advice!

    Hello, New to this forum so I'm hoping I'm posting in the right area. This past weekend our sewer pipe in our basement began to leak. Due to all other plumbers being busy we hesitantly called RotoRooter who did an over priced snake of the drain but did pull out debris. They said they couldn't...
  5. Chris M

    What to do with sewer cleanout

    I'm planning how I'd like to remodel this bathroom, but am not sure what to do with the sewer clean out that is in the way. There is a stairwell behind it, and an exterior poured concrete wall to the side. This is in the basement of a 1950s house. What are my options? Moving it seems like a...
  6. KPitcher

    Can't find the sewer clean out. What now?

    I need to drain my pool but neither the pool pumping guy not I can locate our sewer clean-out and we can't pump into the street (city rule). My next-door neighbor tried to help (he knows where his is) and we even called the previous owners of our house. We looked where the previous owner said he...
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