1. M

    Crack in 4" sewer line

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I discovered roots in our sewer main to the street during a camera inspection. The roots are small, and not really causing a problem at this time. Using a locator and wanting to avoid future problems, I dug up the area to find where the roots enter the...
  2. tbh8644

    Sewer line. Needing advice!

    Hello, New to this forum so I'm hoping I'm posting in the right area. This past weekend our sewer pipe in our basement began to leak. Due to all other plumbers being busy we hesitantly called RotoRooter who did an over priced snake of the drain but did pull out debris. They said they couldn't...
  3. cleverwind

    Looking for Solution: PVC to Orangeburg, Roots.

    I live in a climate with a frost line around 5' and fairly stable conditions both above/below ground. I have a house built in 1965 with plumbing ranging from PVC/cast iron/copper/lead/orangeburg. I have a continual issue with roots invading in my backyard where a PVC cleanout that was installed...
  4. Wandering_Burr

    Irrigation drain-safe to use cutter blade/snake in?

    I have three inch PVC drain lines from the back of the house to the street. In heavy rain they carry the water to the curb. They are (I guess) a standard, triple wall PVC-and it is pretty thin stuff since it isn't pressurized. The house is 20 years old and the lines are choked with roots. On...
  5. Dan Garvin

    Roots under shower pan

    I just tore out the old shower (fiberglass unit) over a concrete slab and found roots around the ABS riser pipe. I'm planning on putting down a sloped concrete bed, liner, and mortar pan and tile above that. Question is: Should I dig out the roots and old pipes and replace them before moving on...
  6. Clabber

    Cleaning the roots from the roof of a sewer pipe.

    I'm having problems with root intrusion into a sewer pipe. A few years back a clean out was installed, and I realize now it wasn't sealed properly, because the roots are growing in right at the joint of the clean out and the sewer line. I can see the root hairs from the clean out, and I've been...
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