1. Saltwave

    NPE-210A2: Recirculation short cycle with no hot water

    Hello! Couple of months ago I had the NPE-210A2 installed with NaviCirc Thermostatic Valve at the farthest fixture. For the first few weeks the system was working fine. There were times the valve would make a 'woop' sound which acted somewhat as a confirmation that it was working. Recently the...
  2. Ed Boston

    Navien NPE-240A Recirculation Question

    Hi all, we had a Navien NPE-240A installed in 2014, and have been happy with it. We did have a weird issue with water temperature being colder than expected occasionally, but it always went away. This year we switched to a new servicer who told us it had been installed wrong and was set to...
  3. PlumbingDIYer

    Recirculation Connection for a Water Heater

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find Autocad (.dwg) detail drawing for the recirculation connection to a water heater? Thanks in advance
  4. Tony Fowler

    Tankless water heater. Abandoned by plumber

    We just had a Navien 240A tankless water heater installed to replace 2 conventional water heaters. Plumber said he would be connecting recirculating line to help speed hot water to far end of house that used to be on its own tank water heater. After he got all the piping done he said he still...
  5. Benjamin

    Navien Recirculation Motion Sensor

    Hello everybody, I thought I’d share with you all how my hot water recirculation project is going. For the water heater I have a Navien-240A. For accessories I got the Hotbutton kit and two Navicirc thermal bypass valves. I set DIP switch #2 “ON” for external recirculation. I set Perameter...
  6. Santosh Krishnan

    Hot water in sink faucet but luke warm in the Shower

    We have 2 Navien 240 A units cascaded and brand new. The problem: The main heater is set to 130° and the cascaded unit synchronizes. When I open the shower, we get near instantaneous hot water that I have managed to measure at 120° or more. However, the hot water gets to lukewarm within a...
  7. D. Shelston

    Crossover recirculation?

    I'm new with a tankless and not happy with the wasted water and time to get hot water at the shower head... My tankless has a built-in recirculating pump but only to be used with a dedicated return line. I do not have return lines. Guess I need to install another external pump on the hot...
  8. Pete Carlone

    Navien NPE 240A with Navicirc Valves

    Greetings. New to this forum but I saw other Navien posts on here so thought I could get some help. Here's the story: Just moved into a house and the previous homeowners had a Navien NPE 240A installed. I wanted to get it checked out (so that someone could explain to me how it worked...
  9. Dradam

    Navien NPE240A- Navilink,Navilink App, Recirculation settings And Parameters

    Navien NPE 240A— Navilink recirculation—some customer insights. I have had The Navien NPE240A for about two years now and the unit has worked flawlessly, but it has taken me a while to get my recirculation settings working and recirculation parameters dialed in. I thought I would share here...
  10. pas

    50-foot dead end return line: bacteria risk?

    Hey everyone, We recently had our house remodeled and we went tankless. We had the plumber run a (copper) line back to the water heater for a recirculation system, but ultimately we stopped working with the plumber and never installed the recirculation pump. Currently, the line just terminates...
  11. doug jabor


    We appear to be having a problem with our bath line hot water ever since a new boiler with hot water coil and electric actuator controlled mixing valve was installed in late 2017. They installed a mixing valve board with an electronic controller, and the system had many check valves, but they...
  12. Adam Farrow

    Radiant floor with tankless Combi boiler on wood stove

    Before I start calling plumbers I want to know if this is possible and what I need to see if I'm choosing the correct installer. I want a radiant floor heat powered by a wood stove and tankless combiboiler when wood fire dies I want the tankless to pick up the demand. The tankless will be used...
  13. dstutz

    Recirculation pump sizing

    I am planning on replacing the polybutylene pipe in my house with PEX-A basically using Uponor's "Structured Plumbing" recommendations. I'd like to add an on-demand recirculation system while re-piping. I have a ranch house with everything on one level, the pipes run in the crawlspace under...
  14. naykitop

    Recirculating pump installation question

    I'm in LA County, California. I'd like to replace the recirculating pump on my water heater. I have a dedicated return line already in place. Do I need to have a valve on each side of the pump? Currently I do not, but a plumber I called in to do the job wants to charge me an extra $500 to...
  15. Zeida Carnatz

    New to tankless water heater and can't figure it out!

    Hi! We recently moved to a house with tankless water heater and we are going crazy. So the heater is in a detached garage, our main bathroom and appliances (washer and dishwasher) get hot water ok, but guest bathroom and sinks, including kitchen one, don't get hot water. Kitchen sink is the...
  16. SamMtn

    Controling Navien NPE internal recirculation pump

    Does anyone know the logic behind how Navien controls their internal recirculation pump when it is circulating with an external loop? This would be with the second dip switch in the "On" position and the water valve in the "external loop" position. Here is what I want to do: Turn off the...
  17. CountryBumkin

    How does my hot water reciculation setup look?

    I bought a Grufundos Comfort Home recirculation pump a while back (the old style with the manually set on/off timer switches). It has a built in temperature sensor and a small temp setting dial on the side. I'm finally getting around to installing it, and I wanted some feed back. I have a PEX...
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