1. BetaNavien

    Recirculating water heater takes 15+ secs to get hot water

    We went through a major remodel where a lot of walls came down, plumbing was redone in multiple locations, new PEX was run almost everywhere. We asked for recirculation for instant hot water and have a recirculating water heater Navian npe-240a2. Shower is about 30 feet from the water heater...
  2. Monguila

    GPM for dedicated recirculation line.

    Good day everyone. I read somewhere that the GPM on a dedicated 3/4" return line should not exceed 1 GPM. Is there any validity to that statement? My return line is at 4.7 GPM. The total length of the line is +- 120 linear feet, connected to NPE210A. 80% of it is a straight shot along the...
  3. hokiecjb97

    Rinnai RU180i Recirculation

    Just installed a Rinnai RU180i that has circ-logic, but requires an external pump. I can’t find the pump that works with this unit and one that will work with a crossover valve as I don’t have a dedicated return. They offer a GTK03 and GTK15, but neither seem to say they are compatible and...
  4. Will Nicholson

    Tankless and Recirculation in two directions

    Hi all, I'm in the final stages of building my own home in Bowie, Texas, and I have an opportunity to plumb the house with hot water recirculation lines, but I have a question about that. My water heater (propane tankless -- I'm open to suggestions) will be located in a room in the corner of...
  5. mitch22

    Navien 240A suddenly not as hot in internal recirculating mode

    Works fine with recirculation off, reaches the target temperature. But feels about 20 degrees cooler when I put it in internal recirculating mode. Confirmed the dip switches and valve position. This started a few weeks ago. Cleaned the water filters. Everything else seems to be in working...
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