1. HighlandsBoy

    [Hydronic Open Loop] No Hot Water Unless Circ Pump On

    Hi all! Short-time reader, first-time poster. I just moved into (renting) a Seattle-area townhouse and have realized my heating system is, unfortunately, a hydronic open loop (in-wall forced air radiant) system using a standard hot water tank that is shared with the domestic water system. The...
  2. Mike Vavricka

    Basement Radiant Floor System Boiler

    Hello, I am finally diving into utilizing the pex tubing in the slab for our basement versus the duct work from the forced air gas furnace. After finishing the basement last winter and spending more time down there this winter we would like to improve the comfort level during the heating...
  3. hulabaloo

    Radiant floor conversion master plan

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking here for some time and am thankful for all of the knowledge gleaned, your generosity with your time is humbling. I’ve got a heating situation that I’d love to have some experienced eyes look over. 3.5 years ago my family moved into a “needs everything” home that was...
  4. Nathan Perry

    New radiant heat install

    I’m building a new 2100sq ft home. All one level. I’ve received mixed input on what to use as far as a boiler, hot water heater and electric boiler for the system. The pex will be going in the floor joist. One proposal was also to use 7/8 pex and I’ve read some guys would never use that. What...
  5. Chuck

    Radiant floor from off the grid to on the grid, help with changes

    Howdy folks, new DIYer here from northern NM. This is a great forum that I have been watching for years, now I need a little advice. I have an adobe home that is currently off the grid and has been since 1999. I am bringing in power to make it a grid-tie system. Being off the grid, I have a...
  6. SleepingBear

    Radiant Heat System Design

    I have a question related to the radiant floor system I am installing. Context: The previous owner of our homes (two located on one property 60 feet from one another other) had ½ PEX oxygenated lines run throughout the entirety each structure. Both homes are Insulated concrete form...
  7. Derek Wetzel

    Noise related to expansion of copper in Radiant / Hydronic / Baseboard heating

    Hi, I'm curious if there are any experiences/insight beyond standard troubleshooting for this issue. The most practical resolutions i've seen so far are to straighten the fins (which i've done) and to ensure the return pipe is not resting on any metal hooks which could create noise... I do not...
  8. Greenleaf

    Hydronic Radiant In-floor Heating: Pump & air valve replacement

    In our recently purchased approx 20 yr old house, we have an in-floor radiant heating system, that seems to work quite poorly, as in very slow to heat (like, half a day to get rooms up to temp). I suspect the previous owners either did not use it, or only used it supplementally. (house also has...
  9. Chris Arneson

    Sticky Heating Manifold Valves?

    i have a hydronic radiant in-floor heating system. It’s actually partially heated by solar but that’s probably not relevant here. Several zones are not heating although the electric actuators show ON. I believe I must have some sticky valves but can’t find any maintenance info on them. The...
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