pressure testing

  1. ari

    Pressure testing residential system containing a pressure reducing valve

    Hi, I would like to pressure test my PEX system before use. It seems this is often done with air. I found a hose fitting with a Schrader valve and my plan was to use my bike tire pump which has a gauge on it. The system also contains a gauge, as well as a pressure reducing valve with an outlet...
  2. msweeney52

    PEX pressure testing

    What is the best way to test newly installed PEX plumbing for the DIY er?
  3. DTAZ

    1 psi pressure drop in 24 hours

    I have a 1 psi per day pressure loss (a bit less really) on an 90 psi pressure test for bathroom plumbing. I have soaped every joint and fitting, including the shower mixing valve, and do not detect the leak location. I have a sense that one of the temporary nipples, which are threaded into drop...
  4. Stingingfork

    Demo'd Fiberglass Shower & Installing New Tile Shower But I Have Questions???

    My question for now is how long do I leave the connections under pressure before I can apply my Durock cement boards over this area and feel comfortable that if it hasn't leaked thus far and I'm safe in closing it in and starting the install of the Schluter shower base, drain, threshold and the...
  5. James Stephens

    How to pressure test new water lines?

    I'm a homeowner building my own small house along with contracting out parts of the work. I'm a worrier by nature, and being involved in building a house may not have been the best idea but I'm more than halfway there. I'd greatly appreciate some knowledgeable advice about a plumbing concern...
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