pressure switch

  1. Candice Struck

    Can a water well pressure switch trip the pump relay?

    Can a water well pressure switch trip the pump relay, and stop my water? If so how do i fix it? My water keeps tripping and turning off. Since last night we have reset it and turned it back on 40-50 times. Had guy out here to look at it , hooked up a new relay/ pressure switch, but didn't leave...
  2. Raymond D

    New pressure switch sparks every time when cutting out at 50 PSI, it is normal?

    I am a first timer replacing my pressure tank. We have a private well. I hope I will get some advice here since I've very little knowledge on the subject. I just installed a new tank (32 gallons) with new tank tee, pressure switch, check valve, gauge, etc. The pressure switch is Plumb Eeze...
  3. ir0nrat

    Pressure switch and pressure rating of tank don't match

    I am getting ready to replace a leaking pressure switch when I realize the pressure switch is a 40/60 but the tank is 30/50. The pressure gauge normally reads about 50 psi (which I'm guessing can't be good for the tank). What are your thoughts on replacing the tank with one rated 40/60...
  4. mnocket

    How can a New Jet Pump Cause Pressure Switch Problems?

    I'll TRY to keep this short... I had a new pressure tank installed because the bladder broke. Everything worked fine. Several weeks later I decided to replace the jet pump because the service tech said my pump was 25 years old. That's when the problems started. They installed a new jet pump...
  5. matthro

    Gauge shows 60/80 for 40/60 switch

    I've been doing some update to my water water system, new submersible pump, pressure tank, tee, etc. Things appear to working okay but my pressure gauge shows a cut of 60/80 and I have a 40/60 unadjusted switch. These are both brand new, clean tee and nipples. I even replaced each element again...
  6. Szydlowm

    Water pressure going from 12 to 82psi (with new switch)

    We've had fluctuating water pressure since we moved into this house back in August. This morning though, we lost all pressure. The pressure gauge read 12 psi (we have a 30-50psi pressure switch). After about 20 minutes the pump kicked on, knocking the pressure up to 82psi...and continued to...
  7. dcraw999

    New well owner with some questions

    Hi everyone. I just bought a house with well water and I've never been on a well before and I have a couple of questions. My well pump is a Sta-Rite SNE-L ( with a 30/50 switch. I had a water contractor over to see if I could increase...
  8. Newbie87

    Pressure tank won’t hold pressure

    Yesterday our pressure tank lost all water pressure. I got under the house to find the psi on the tank was next to zero. The bladder seems to be fine, as I checked the air pressure and it is at 28psi (I have a 30/50 tank). If I turn off the power, close the main water valve, drain the tank, then...
  9. Frank Rocha

    Help! Keep having to reset pressure switch!

    Our current setup up is a submersible pump feeding a 3,000 storage tank, and a booster pump between the storage tank and the pressure tank. About a year ago, we replaced a HUGE galvanized pressure tank (it was about 10 feet tall) with an Amtrol WellXTrol (WX-350). Everything was great for...
  10. Ironjim

    Pump quits every night

    My well pump keeps quitting overnight. Each morning I have to play with the switches and electricity to get it going again. I cleaned off the contacts on the pressure switch and checked all the wires on it and the control box (submersible pump). When it cuts back on the psi is perfect at 40...
  11. Kidd65

    No water for 5 days! Help!!!!

    We have a submersible well pump with a bladder pressure tank. A couple weeks ago the water pressure was pulsating. My brother added some air into the tank and the pulsating stopped. Saturday I turned on the water and the pressure was very low. It continued to decrease each time the water was...
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