pipe size

  1. C

    Required pipe size based on W.S.F.Us

    I am building a house served by a well. The well pump cycles on at 40 and off at 60 psi. As I read Appendix P of the 2018 IRC which governs the area I am building in, paragraph AP201.1 2 states "Obtain the minimum daily static service pressure [psi (kPa)] available (as determined by the local...
  2. Benz

    Residential Fire sprinkler plumbing

    Hello, I have this plumbing on the incoming water line coming into the home (See Pic). The pipe I have circled in black has sprung a very tiny leak . Does someone know what this type of pipe is called and why does the diameter get so constricted? I assume it may have to do with the fire...
  3. master_bather

    Prerequisites for installing a shower system?

    Hi, I'm trying to install a shower system with 3 body sprayers, a rainhead and a handheld. The connection sizes are all 1/2 in. We did a crude GPM test filling a 5 gal bucket from the hose and we got ~7.5 GPM. Our whole house is on 1/2 in copper -- reduced down from 3/4 straight off the meter...
  4. icatchlarge

    Pressure flow pipe size question

    Complicated question here but I’ll start: we have a well that feeds our Main house, (over 1 inch line, unsure) then goes to 3/4 in the basement, two filters and a neutralizer, then out running 3/4 line 225 ft winding uphill to a cottage. Pressure issue is up there. a guy dug the whole thing...
  5. logwolf

    Need to tap into gas line

    Hello everyone Hope someone can answer this. I'm installing a new gas water heater . I'm replacing the current electric water heater. The location of the new heater will be a new location, more equidistant between the two bathrooms in the house. It will be located in a full basement, 50 x 27...
  6. Donny H

    Wet vent code help, please!

    Hello all, I'm building a new bathroom in my house on a homeowner's permit. I'm planning to use a wet vent with a lavatory, bath tub, then toilet, in that order from upstream to downstream. So the vent will come up through the ceiling in the wall behind the lavatory. I was planning to use...
  7. DNAG

    Help me to verify my plumbing design using UPC (Amended by City of Seattle)

    Hi, I am a junior plumbing designer and doing plumbing design on my own for the first time. Here in my locality I couldn't able to find someone who can help me verifying my design so I thought this forum can be a good place to discuss with. This is a 111 room apartment building. Below are the...
  8. Ryanfornkohl

    Wet Vented Trap Arm Size?

    What size trap arm/drain is required for a tub/shower that has a trap arm length of 30"? The trap arm has 1.5 p-trap, runs 30" and dumps into stack. This line does not have its own vent, it is vented by the 4" stack. Reading 908.2 of 2006 UPC states, "Each wet-vented section shall be a...
  9. George Day

    Monoflow system upgrade to combi

    First off let me thank you for opening and reading this post. Any advice will be appreciated. I currently have a 1948 3500sqft (3700sqft with walk in attic storage-currently unheated) house heated by 19 wall convectors and a Burnham series II boiler. Last winter 2-3 of the radiators...
  10. Joshua!

    Help sizing PEX-AL-PEX for hydronic heating

    So I had to do basement renovations which led to removing the majority of my existing hydronic heating line feeds(amongst lots of other things). It was fairly haphazardly run, so this wasn't the worst thing. Previous setup was direct return 1" main with mostly 1/2 feeds to the radiators...
  11. CDS

    Thoughts on downsizing pipe

    Need some professional advice on a potential upcoming project. I am looking to install a water softener. The main line into the house is 1" copper. My plan was to branch off with pex to the softener, and return to the main line, about 100' round trip. Would there be any issue with downsizing...
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