1. S

    New service line to hilltop at distance.

    Hey guys, I’ve read a lot of posts on the forum, but I think I’ve got a situation different enough to warrant a separate post. I want to run a water line to a new house site on my land from county water at the street. I understand that a well is an option, but let’s please keep that out of...
  2. RobblePlumbing

    2nd Floor Bathroom Plumbing

    MOVED THIS QUESTION TO A MORE APPROPRIATE FORUM: I've been doing some research online and there seems to be a few ways to solve my problem, but I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on how to tackle this. I...
  3. Bigben2010

    New water heater tank exterior corrosion

    I'm a consumer looking for opinions. I just had a new Rheem electric water heater installed. There is corrosion on the tank, as you can see in the photo. In my opinion, it's a result of a poor coating job on the tank, and exposure to water or maybe just Florida humidity. You can see there are...
  4. ShortRock

    Brand new renovated bathroom, tub isn’t draining

    We took a very small 1949 bathroom, gutted it and added three feet to it. We hired professionals for plumbing but it was a bumpy road with them. We go to use the tub for the first time and it wouldn’t drain. There was a MINUTE amount of water draining but my husband had to take a shop vac to the...
  5. Nicholas Roe

    New Heater concerns

    Hello I have a water heater from 1994 that is leaking. I live in Charlotte NC. I’m thinking about going tankless. My concern is that it would be in my crawl space. Fully enclosured crawl space. I have plenty of room all around the tank currently and I don’t really want to move it inside...
  6. Armdroid

    Comp valve problems

    Just replaced old main to exterior spigot valve in utility room with a comp valve. I cut as little as I possibly could off on either side of the old valve and replaced it with a new compression valve but there wasn't enough copper for the ring to seal. Had a very difficult time trying to...
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