kitchen drain

  1. pkirkovsky

    Double sink, disposal, dishwasher, 70s house - was this done correctly?

    Hello! Our kitchen sink recently developed a small drain leak due to old & cracking fittings, and I'd like to do an overhaul. After looking at some posts about this setup, I am starting to wonder whether the plumbing was done correctly when the house was built. Based on other posts it seems...
  2. HoltH

    Split level home: running new kitchen sewage line in existing downstairs bathroom plumbing

    Remodeling a kitchen that is on the upstairs floor in a split-level home. Moving the kitchen sink to a new location (want it under the window). The new location prevents me from running the drain into the upstairs bathroom plumbing, like the old sink did. Instead, it appears my only option is to...
  3. Mutako

    Moving the kitchen to another room

    Hello everybody, I have my eyes on a cheap house, but i would want to change some things. In the picture below you can see all the changes I want to make, but the main concern is the kitchen. Is it even doable to move it like that and what should I consider in such case? I want to have a rough...
  4. Jesse Okiror

    Is this bad?! Yes, it needs fixing.

    Plumber installed an island loop with this setup. He says it was done this way because connecting the vent back to the drain would cause more damage to the slab (this is a reno and we had to cut about a foot deep into the slab to make this happen). What problems am I looking at down the road?
  5. Jesse Okiror

    Island loop vent not draining

    I had an island loop installed with my kitchen reno. I opened the vent side cleanout and water poured out. Then there was standing water up to level of the cleanout. So the vent side of the loop isn’t draining. The drain side is draining though. This shouldn’t be possible if the loop was done...
  6. Eva060792

    Moving kitchen sink to island from wall (in a condo...)

  7. Sidkarimi

    Kitchen sink doesn’t drain

    Hi all, I just bought a new house and now The first big issue happened! I have a double sink with disposal that won't drain what so ever. I tried so many ways! I and plumber did snake and it seems it is clear. I went to the roof and snake on vent and it seems very clear! I really don’t know what...
  8. JSwift

    Double kitchen sink slow draining after disposal trap installed.

    I have a dual kitchen sink with recently installed drain plumbing that is not draining slowly (pictures below). Prior to the new plumbing the AAV was about 10” above the top of the lateral line into the wall (where it goes to a 90° and into the slab). The disposal had no trap, it was a straight...
  9. jaywalsh31

    Commercial kitchen code question Massachusetts

    Hello, does anyone know if a floor sink is considered the same as a mop/ service sink in code speak? The reason I ask... I believe the mop sink in a restaurant should drain into a grease trap but no where in the code do I find the mention of this. Only a floor sink. I view a floor sink as an...
  10. Dillon775

    Water leaking in back of kitchen cabinet and through exteior wall, Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am looking for some guidance on how to approach an unexpected plumbing problem...So that past few days I started noticing a little bit of water in the middle of the kitchen floor, I checked the sink to see if it had been leaking and when I saw that it...
  11. JoeyDYI80

    Need help with new sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and installed new sink double sink which is about 3" deeper than old and drains offset. Also purchased new garbage disposal. With my old sink my disposal was on left side and drains centered. I started to install new disposable on right side and ran into an issue. Seems...
  12. mitxi.drain

    kitchen drain problem [resolved]

    we're in a tiny 3rd story apartement building possibly one toilet and roof vent above us and many toilets and drains below us see crappy drawing if you want a laugh kitchen sink has drained slowly since we moved in a year ago sometimes just slowly (2 minutes) and other times, it takes over 2...
  13. willynate1978

    Will this vent line work?

    Hey all, I've been lurking for awhile and finally have a question that I think would benefit from the advice on this site. I'm going to be moving my kitchen sink drain from one wall to another. Fortunately, the current drain/vent line is just a few feet away (in the basement) from the sink's...
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