iron bacteria

  1. E

    Seeking insight-prevent clogged system

    Hello. Seeking help. We have a 450’ well, sediment filter, high efficiency iron “cleer“ filter, and water softener that is two years old. The first year before the iron filter and softener, we thought our water was amazing, like a spring. Eight months in, we began experiencing intermittent...
  2. Jasonir129

    Treating Iron Bacteria and low pH and moderate radon

    Hi all, I'm looking to add and modify my current filtration circuit which consists of: 1) well tank 2) injection port with static mixer (stenner peristaltic pump pulls from tank with 2 parts water to 1 part 17% sodium hydroxide to raise pH) 3) retention tank (this is the one...
  3. Dave Bowers

    Iron Bacteria - Hot Water Side

    Hello All, First I want to say I have read and read and read a lot if not all of the posts on Iron Bacteria, but unfortunately, I still have a few questions! Short (not so short) Summary: We purchased our house 2 years ago, and initially had a mineral/sulfur odor. We noticed this smell...
  4. The rookie

    Well water treatment system configuration.

    New home owner with well water quality issues and I’ve received a lot conflicting information. Water tastes and smells horrible. Stained toilets(yellow water) and hard water stains on everything. Thorough analysis of water from national testing lab. IRON- 1.01 mg/l IRON BACTERIA- IRB...
  5. Tony Caciolo

    Iron Bacteria (IRB) in an old well. Plan on using Pentair/fleck 5812 valves

    Hello, I am a custom home and pool builder in PA and we are seeing more and more house with iron bacteria problems, including the home I am getting ready to build for myself. There is an old 35 gpm 100' deep well on the property (that was an old iron ore mine) so I'd expect a lot of iron in the...
  6. FruitfulPanda

    Troubleshooting water softener water quality change

    Trying to figure out what's up with my impression by Water Right water softener. It came with my house 2 years ago, it's an IM-1054 based on the year and specs I am aware of. I've been maintaining it by making sure it had enough salt and getting it serviced yearly. The next appointment is coming...
  7. Bob Hartley

    Well Water w/ Iron & IRB Treatment- Thoughts?

    Hi guys - sorry, this is a long post. I have had three different water companies come out and quote me anywhere from $5,000 - $7,000 to solve my well water issues (I don't have that kind of money). Ever since then I have scoured the internet and lurked this forum, finally deciding to post to see...
  8. Kentuckienne

    Ten years old - what tests should I run on well/softener?

    First, a big thanks to the Forum for years of good advice. Sorry for long post. About ten years ago, we drilled a deep well for our new house (80+ grains hardness, some coliform bacteria but no e-coli). We put in a water softener (Clack) that puts regen water into the septic system, with a RO...
  9. GTOwagon

    Backflusing Frequency for Sand and Carbon Filters

    Gents, I have Lancaster media filters after my chlorine retention tank, and the first is the larger sand filter, for turbidity and pieces of sediment, and the second is the carbon backflush. After a few months I caught a whiff of a mustyish sulphur in the cold line on the washing machine and...
  10. sailingfree

    Help choosing water treatment?

    Hi, after reading a lot on contrary advice, I thought I would try here for recommendations for my well water. Would a Water-Right" sanitzer solve all my problems? Water Test Results from 2010: Hardness 88 mg/l Iron 0.6 mg/l manganese 0.24 mg/l Arsenic...
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