1. R

    Bradford White warm water

    Hello, First time posting, I have a 50 gallon Bradford White Defender gas water heater that came with my brand new house that was completed in February 2021. It is now very slowly heating up water. Basically only one shower before it gets cold and it takes probably overnight to heat up...
  2. twilite

    Honeywell thermostat 5 flash error

    Hi, I'm seeing a 5 flash error code on a Bradford White water heater with Honeywell thermostat. I can reset it by turning the dial to off and unplugging the thermocouple wires, then plugging back in the wires, pressing down the dial for 3 seconds, and then setting the temperature. The water...
  3. Justfixit

    Replacement Water Heater Gas Valve

    I installed a new Rheem water heater in my house. There was a problem with the gas valve leaking gas right away. My question is can I replace the valve with another just like it if the water column is the same? I have several other gas valves just not one with that exact number on it. They said...
  4. FifthLabour

    Powervent water heater combustion issues

    Last year our 7 y/o Brad-Wht WH died (leaking) As the heater it replaced was working fine at age 45 yrs, I asked for a different brand. A Rheem NG Powervent (low NOx) was installed. The next morning we had cold showers. Over the last year the Honeywell control box has been replaced three times...
  5. NiceKaren

    Bradford White (Honeywell) Model #MI406TFBN; HELP!!

    Hello! New to forum, also may lose my mind if I can't fix my WH! My pilot light went out randomly on Father's Day. No reason at all that I know of. I turn it to "OFF", waited a good 20 minutes or so then turned it to "Pilot" held that down for a minute or so then hit "Ignite" thirty times at...
  6. Pippen S.

    "New" 111 year old house with boiler control issues..

    Hi All! I've gotten a crash course over the last 2 months of owning an old Victorian style home in Rhode Island, seems like everything is going wrong with this heating system. So a quick description of the heating system: there are a total of 6 zones coming off of a Slant Fin S-120 DP. 4...
  7. e2139adfa

    Heater Running But Thermostat Went Blank -- Help Please!

    My honeywell wifi thermostat went blank while my heater was running yesterday and now I can't shut off the heater unless I unplug the York furnace. Here's what I've checked so far but still can't figure out what's wrong and the cause of my blank thermostat. Would appreciate if anyone can give...
  8. Joe Henderson

    Boiler short cycling

    Hi my boiler keeps short cycling .. I think it might be because my thermostat looses its temperature very fast.. if I have it set to say 68 And it’s 67 or 68 my boiler will turn on for a minute then turn off then the will go back on in about 3 min when the thermostat goes down by one ,, can I...
  9. modernhistorian

    Help requested to find Honeywell powerhead or substitute

    I own a condo in a commercial building that uses chilled or heated water (depending on season) in the HVAC. The controlling valves in my two systems are Honeywell: 120 VAC, two position zone valves with aquastats, and both have failed. I was able to locate one powerhead,part number 40003916-045...
  10. Edward Plunkett

    Honeywell 9000 Series Thermostat Installation Help

    First post - Hope you guys can help. I'm finishing up a large remodelling job on my house, and I'm having trouble installing a Honeywell 9320wifi5003 wifi thermostat on my hvac system. I have a Spacepack air handler/outside unit (condensor) for cooling and a condensing boiler/radiators with...
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