Bradford White (Honeywell) Model #MI406TFBN; HELP!!

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Hello! New to forum, also may lose my mind if I can't fix my WH!

My pilot light went out randomly on Father's Day. No reason at all that I know of. I turn it to "OFF", waited a good 20 minutes or so then turned it to "Pilot" held that down for a minute or so then hit "Ignite" thirty times at least. Then nothing, no spark, no flame, nothing.

Open up the WH, took out the pilot assembly, cleaned the thermopile, cleaned off the grate that is on the very bottom under the burner because that had some crud on it. Put everything back together, noticed that I was able to "push in" the red button on the Resettable Thermal Switch (red-290 degrees). Pushed it in, no problem.

I then tried to light the pilot light again and was able to get a spark then after a few more igniter pushed I got a little blue flame. I held the pilot button down for what felt like a century and once I let it go the flame would go out, over and over again. It would not stay lit and from what I could tell, the flame was very weak.

I purchased a whole new pilot assembly and replaced the old one and I am still having the same issue. Go to light the pilot, get a little blue flame, let go of the pilot button, and it goes out.

The status light does "two blinks, 3 second pause".

I have read the service manual 300 times and I cannot figure out how to get this bad boy up and running again. It was installed in 2016 and is for residential use in my furnace closet. I am purchasing a new Resettable Thermal Switch, but other than that I have NO idea how to fix it.

Any suggestions?! Thanks!!


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Have you called Bradford White?
The WH could still be under warranty.
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