heat pump

  1. Chevsky

    Coil/Furnace width, CFM 17.5" vs 24.5"

    EDIT: I just noticed there's a GM9C800804BN -- which is a 1600 CFM version of the same 80 Kbtu, 80% afue, 17.5" wide cabinet!! So I guess my problem is solved! (I changed 1200->1600 below) ---original post--- Looking for advice on selection of a width for Furnace+Coil pair -- 17.5" or 24.5" --...
  2. MooseMan

    Zone Sizing & Clamp LV settings (Trane)

    Entering our first winter in the northeast with a multizone dual fuel heating system. System is a Trane: XC95M Furnace, XV20i Heat Pump, and XL1050 Control. The heat pump has been fantastic, but now that its colder I'm curious about efficiency, cutover, and NOISE. Right now it is 20 degrees out...
  3. DaveC1

    Change Heat Pump w/o Changing Air Handler

    We are in the process of changing out the rooftop Condenser and ducted Air Handler for my Heat Pump system that was originally installed in 1997. The contractor(thru a warranty company) is changing the 3 ton Carrier unit to a Lennox unit. I believe the air handler was by First Company and they...
  4. edronline

    Replacing 2nd floor A/C unit with combo A/C / heat pump system

    A bit of a theoretical question as our SEER 16 a/c system is ok. Big old 3 story + basement 3800 sf house. Western PA. Heat is new Weil-McLain EVG-220 hot water system with big old rads all over the house. 2 central A/C systems - first floor system & 2nd/3rd floor system When the 2nd floor...
  5. Ron_Jeremy

    How to determine if heat pump has "aux/emergency/backup" heat?

    I'd like to change the thermostat that controls an Amana heat pump because it's incredibly unintuitive. I often see the following warning on the back of many thermostat packages: For use on heat pumps without aux heat. Sometimes instead of the term 'aux heat' I see 'emergency heat' or 'backup...
  6. LouLamb

    Bryant 607ENXA42000-TP behaving oddly

    I have a Bryant 607ENXA42000-TP heat pump, installed in 2015, that has recently developed an odd problem. Five service calls by the dealer/installer and multiple parts replaced have not solved. It's been maintained quarterly, and cools well. What happens is that mostly during the night, the air...
  7. ABergman

    Heat Pump Water Heater Relocation and Condensation Lines

    Good morning, this is my first post so I’ll start with a introduction of myself. I’m an extreme DIY’er. Basically, by that I mean I DIYer who will get into big projects without fear. But I am not a professional in any specific trade. When Hurricane Florence destroyed my house, I decided to take...
  8. darry08

    Detect the temperature of the area where Heat Pumps installed

    I am looking for a suggestion which helps me to detect the temperature conditions of the area where Heat Pumps are working. With some google search, I found many interesting products which use to work with but I am looking for the Battery powered sensors which can send the data at a very long...
  9. Joel Schoenborn

    Choosing the right thermostat

    I have a dual fual heat pump and gas furnace. The heat pump is a 2 stage unit and the furnace is a 2 stage unit as well. Am I correct in thinking I need a 4 heat and 2 cool stage thermostat. Such as a Honeywell prestige iaq
  10. Jorgebaloy

    About Midea Mini Split

    Has anyone heard about Midea Mini Split Air Conditioner before?
  11. Casa14

    Burnham RS-109 DHW coil scaled. Searching options for replacement (all or DHW only)

    House built in 1990, 1100 sq ft, 500 finished basement located in seacoast NH (heating 99% is 9). House is well insulated, not drafty at all. Basement was an upgrade done 10 years ago by previous owners and it is cold, even though it has a baseboard (too small for the space). Current boiler is...
  12. clock

    BTU Estimation (using App) seems high?

    Hello all, I am not very experienced, so please forgive me if this sounds naive. It will not bother me if you tell me I'm completely off on my calculations or being taken for a ride on the estimates. Regardless, I certainly can't afford to do all these. This is for the northeast. I used an...
  13. Faderus

    Replacing everything with Navien combi unit

    Hi all, thanks in advance for the input. I live in Poughkeepsie, NY and am looking for some input. I have a 1960 Split Level 1800 square ft house which is getting a complete HVAC system replacement. We have spray foamed the roof deck and the envelope around the garage (6-8" open cell foam)...
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