heat exchanger

  1. J

    Solution for steam Kickspace Heater.

    So we are remodeling our kitchen and have a two pipe steam system, I live in an apartment building so I can't change that. We are very limited on space and would love to use a kickspace heater. A plumber I talked to said I should just hook it up to the hot water supply for my buildings potable...
  2. ari

    Splitting and merging supply lines

    Hi, first off, I'd like to thank this forum for all the plumbing advice I've read as a guest. I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular question so I finally joined. I am making a heat exchanger for my shower trap arm. I have a 2" section of copper drain pipe that I want to coil...
  3. lightmind

    Best way to plumb a hot water solar heat exchanger into a gas fired on demand radiant heating system

    Hey everyone, I am installing a solar hot water collector system and will have a heat exchanger to supplement a gas-fired boiler 6 zone on-demand slab radiant system. The current system fires the boiler as the zones call for heat. The boiler heats the water in the calling loop(s) to 160...
  4. Jim Moss

    Sources for heat exchanger sought

    I have a 1970's drainback system for my active solar house. Part of the system is to preheat water that is going into our electric water heater. This preheat system has a failed exchange coil. Let me paint a picture for you: I have a large tank in the cellar that holds 2500 gallons of hot...
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