1. Crosby Dog

    Sanigrind pump system for outbuilding?

    Hi all, New user here, long time lurker. I am installing a full bathroom with a standard bottom outlet toilet on the second floor of a garage that is 137 feet from my main house's septic tank. The first floor of the garage is approximately 6' below the inlet of my septic tank. The...
  2. Plumbingq189

    Sewer drain in the garage

    I'm building an addition. Ill be adding a new single car garage and above it will be a bathroom. To tie into the existing sewer which is located right underneath the new single car I would like to add a Wye there and go up with a 3" stack on the back of the garage up to the new bathroom. My...
  3. EdNC

    Garage Bathroom Rough-In Piping

    I am in need of some guidance regarding Rough-In piping in my pole barn before I pour the concrete slab. The bathroom is 6'x9' as shown in the diagram. Blue are 2" pipes and Green are 3" pipes. Will this setup pass inspection. Do I need a vent for the shower? Do I also need a Clean-out...
  4. trijohn

    Garage floor drain backs up during heavy rain.

    Im in Buffalo NY, my small neighborhood, a Buffalo suburb called Williamsville, was built during late 1950's. I few of us have garage floor drains. The neighbors tell me there is a problem with the storm sewers in the area. I get up to 6" of water in the drain area when we get heavy rain. It...
  5. Michael Korbel

    Detached garage renovation into living space

    Hello all. I came here to these forums to seek advice from good folks like yourself. In 2014 I bought property which included a 30x40 building. It has a concrete floor with a perimeter of one layer concrete brick, and then 2x6 construction above. When I purchased the building, there were 2...
  6. Earle Wood

    What is this pipe and why is it leaking?

    Hi guys and gals, I have a pipe that runs through the footing in my garage's foundation to the outside of the house. Rainwater comes through this pipe into my garage. Here are my questions: What is this pipe for? Can I plug it? Are there other solutions for how to keep the water out of my...
  7. Brewer Sands

    Shower P-Trap Above Unheated Garage

    I've worked my way through the posts on supply piping to above garage rooms, and will be running the pipes through the heated envelope, but haven't seen much on dealing with shower traps in (insulated) joist bays above an unheated garage (in Ontario, Canada). I was hoping to have get some...
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