galvanized pipe corrosion

  1. Allthumbs2

    Will a pressure booster pump improve volume with galvanized pipes?

    I have a large three-story house with old corroded galvanized pipes. The main line comes in at the lowest of the three levels. Some of the fixtures have fine volume but many do not. The water pressure is about 40 PSI when checked at a hose bib. I realize the difference between volume and...
  2. T

    New water heater install - Copper directly on hot water nipple?

    Hi all, I recently had a new water heater installed (Bradford White 50 Gallon Natural Gas RG2PV50T6N19). I just noticed that the hot water connection on the water heater is directly connected to copper pipe. Conversely, the cold water connection has, what seems to be, a brass fitting in between...
  3. Mark415

    Galvanized Since Waste Pipe Replacement/Repair

    (edit--Galvanized SINK waste pipe...) I am a former flooring contractor/carpenter, so I know my way around a home. Two days ago, I was away for 2 days, and the galvanized waste pipe under the kitchen sink started to leak. My wife called multiple plumbers, and finally got a guy to come out from a...
  4. HomeBuyer

    Plumbing 1950s house on slab

    I have entered a contract to purchase a house and I’m in the inspections stage. I want to be sure I’m not taking on a big project so I’m getting all kinds of inspections and reading a lot and have lots of questions. 1) I am assuming that it was plumbed with galvanized pipes for water and cast...
  5. CalebRobertsonUSA

    HOW TO FIX??

    Hey guys and girls, I’m new to plumbing and I have a bathroom I am remodeling. I have a basic understanding/knowledge about plumbing, but far from an expert. How would you fix this dated plumbing mess? If you could attach links to parts that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Trying to...
  6. EricE

    Dealing with galvanized in a tight space

    I've did quite a bit of searching in the forums here (awesome resource) but I haven't found anything that really addresses my situation. I'm looking for options in dealing with galvanized in a tight space - under a tub on slab where the pipe is below slab. Thankfully there is a rather large...
  7. Henry Ramsey

    Question about costs to replace galvanized with CPVC for hot water

    I'm in Houston area. I am elected President and de facto property manager of a small 30 unit condominium community the buildings of which were originally built in about 1971. We have the whole gambit of construction issues from that era including aluminum wire, FPE breakers, cast iron...
  8. Charlie A

    Dielectric union corrosion

    I was looking at a thread from around 2015 where you showed a couple of great photos of the interior corrosion of a dielectric union. Our house water is sourced from a well that has hard water (we have a softener). Dielectric unions (and maybe galvanized pipe more generally) seems to be really...
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