1. T

    New water heater install - Copper directly on hot water nipple?

    Hi all, I recently had a new water heater installed (Bradford White 50 Gallon Natural Gas RG2PV50T6N19). I just noticed that the hot water connection on the water heater is directly connected to copper pipe. Conversely, the cold water connection has, what seems to be, a brass fitting in between...
  2. B

    Removed wet what?

    Recently removed a wet bar and wanted to get some advice. The house was built in 1978 and is a four level split. I removed the wet bar which is located on the lower level slab of the split. The supply lines and drain are approximately 6ft into the slab from the basement block. The supply line...
  3. Pakaderm

    Can you identify this plumbing 'manifold' coming up from the foundation? SoCal?

    Hello, new to the forums and need help with this. I recently opened the area under my stairs and found this 'manifold' coming out of the concrete foundation. Does anyone know why there are 3 hot and 4 cold lines coming out of the foundation, and why they loop back on themselves? The hot/cold at...
  4. Kbrooks

    Blue Water Mystery

    PLEASE HELP!! We have blue water in our home that is only visible with a full bathtub amount. It isn't light refraction. It stains laundry, tastes like metal, and when left to sit for 24-48 hours, leaves a blue sharp-like looking sludge. It comes and goes every 6-8 months and no one can figure...
  5. NomicEnvy

    M-Core, Does twin ell replace valve separation specs for no stacking leak?

    Hello, longtime lurker here with my first post! I'm a DIYer plumbing a tub/shower with Moen m-core parts. I had intended to follow the layout in the first image from Moen's online design guide, which caps the shower port and includes a twin ell. However, the instructions with my mixing valve...
  6. Dzakich

    How to hand-bend 5/8" OD hard copper tube

    Looking at various resources, I keep noticing that hand mandrel benders are only good for soft (coiled) copper tubing. For my project I need to get a new geometry with 5/8" OD tubing. This this possible or should I just use a series of fittings? Thank you
  7. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Source for flexible corrugated copper tubing?

    Wondering where I might purchase flexible corrugated copper tubing in lengths of 20 t0 24 feet, the whole length corrugated without any joints. Not to be used for plumbing, actually, but a ham radio antenna instead. The hoop type, technically known as a "magnetic loop". The idea is to coil it...
  8. farmerisland

    Fixing improper venting, old house

    Hello, This is an update/new question from my last post. My home has old all copper DWV from 1960 and earlier, with even older cast iron at basement level-down, that I'm replacing with PVC. Plumbing noise isn't an issue; I really don't want to do expensive cast. The current copper has pinholing...
  9. farmerisland

    Copper waste line flat, venting lacking, and so much more

    Hey guys. I need to share a little back story to give proper context of my issue with some upstairs very old plumbing. I live in an old farmhouse that was originally Mennonite-built in 1890. There was no indoor plumbing initially but the main floor bath was put in by my grandparents at some...
  10. Max Quillen

    Choosing Plumber for Repipe

    I'm not a plumber, but I'm trying to hire one for a total re-pipe to replace 32 year old copper with PEX, in my 2500 sft, 2 story home. Every plumbing company I've talked to just gives me a blank stare when I ask what kind of PEX they would use. This gives me the indication that they plan on...
  11. ohal3000

    Water pressure issues - Copper vs PEX

    Hello. First time posting, I searched for my question and didn't find anything. My house has terrible water pressure. I am on a well. The pressure tank gives good pressure and even the first hose outlet off the main before entering the house is good. But everything after the pipe enters the...
  12. Bender1524

    1/2" copper to 1/2" PEX Upstairs

    Hi! Sorry if this topic already exists, I tried searching and didn't find anything. I am replacing my shower/ tub upstairs. I plan to use the Sharkbite connector to transition copper to pex, then do the rest with pex. (Besides the tub spout) The current copper pipe is all 1/2, and has worked...
  13. Russell Harris

    Verify cold water design

    Hello, I'm looking for input/suggestions on changing out both cold and hot lines in my 1952 pier and beam house. This post mainly deals with the cold water as that is where I need to start given my service entrance. - 3/4" copper from meter to old galvanized as it enters the house (pic) - I'm...
  14. Chris Jenkins

    Capping Copper Drain Pipe

    Hi All, I am looking to remove this old copper drum trap that ties right into my copper main stack. What is the best way to do this? I would like to get rid of the drum trap since it looks like it has leaked a little over the years and I don want poop water leaking behind my wall . Can I cut...
  15. ZPB

    Push Vent Stack Back

    Hi, this is what I just found behind a wall in my master bath. I am totally gutting this room, and am wondering if I can bump my main vent stack back about a foot to take advantage of all this wasted space in the wall behind it; I will be removing the small wall on the right of this picture for...
  16. CC_CT

    Bathtub drain pipe confusion

    Hey folks, first of all thank you for your expert opinions that you share on this site. I've learned a ton from reading on this forum. I'm preparing to replace my 30-year old tub with an acrylic one, and I opened up an access wall to see what was going on. As you can see in the pictures, the...
  17. TAPlumbing

    Please help me find the correct shower drain

    Second attempt here. My last post got zero replies. Please help! I’m a DIYer trying to renovate my second floor bathroom. Not totally inexperienced, but also not totally experienced. There’s an existing 2-inch threaded copper pipe that used to receive the old shower drain. I knocked all about...
  18. TAPlumbing

    Shower Drain connect to existing 2-inch threaded Copper

    Hello! I’m renovating my second floor bathroom. I want to reconnect to an existing threaded, 2-inch copper pipe that served the old shower floor drain. As you can see from the picture, the pipe extends about one inch above the 1/2 hardibacker subfloor. The plan is to build up a mortar bed...
  19. Lordoftheflies

    Best way to plumb 2-way diverter and mixing valve for shower/tub?

    Hi. Wondering if you all could offer suggestions as to how to plumb my shower/tub combo. I have the Kohler 2971-k-na 3/4" inlet and outlet mixing valve. I'll be bringing up 1" PEX to the 2nd floor the entire way from the 3/4" copper main. This unit does not have a built in diverter and has...
  20. johnsonnoise

    Copper Pipe Crimp A Problem?

    I had a plumber put in a new valve body since I'm in the midst of a complete tear down of the tub surround. I noticed that the copper line (diverter pipe) that feeds the shower head has some crimps in it. It looks to me like he grabbed it pretty hard with a wrench while sweating everything...
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