clogged pipes

  1. Mark Ezrin

    Is this a good alternative to a tub hair catcher?

    I came across this product and it seems like a good alternative to hair catchers. I know one downside is that you can't use a drain stopper while in use. It begs the question of the risks of hair going down a drain. The buildings I'd use it in are newer - post...
  2. Amanda L Roccia

    SC bathroom fitting 2 back to back 90 degs

    We built our home in 2013 here is Fort Mill SC. We've always had issues with an upstairs bathroom. We recently had a plumber come in to figure out what the constant clogging and back filling of the tub was all about. Turns out, the sink, toilet and tub all flowed into 2 back to back 90 deg...
  3. zver11

    Hard water calcium clog under slab

    Cleaned out long horizontal run PVC drain pipe from kitchen heavily clogged with calcium. Used vinegar to soften and then cut pipe and jetted from low end. Now have calcium clog after vertical stack in 4" pipe under slab. Location approx 10' after vertical based on basement bathroom fixture...
  4. Bradley Prais

    Clogged gas line or a bigger problem

    Sorry up front that this is long. I want to provide as much information as possible to get your feedback. Short version: I have gas to my furnace and stove/oven, but none to my water heater. Long version: Live in Central Texas, so went through the frozen rolling blackouts and 2 days of no...
  5. Dovid1365

    Replumbed and all fixtures aren't getting water

    I replumbed everything to the meter with PEX and when the city came to turn the water back on I was only getting a trickle by all the fixtures. After much juggling I was able to get what seems to be full flow to one fixture but a lot of the lines are still not filling up. Any ideas? I would...
  6. SK Sharma

    Extreme calcium buildup In hot water pipes

    Hello everyone. New Post here. Thought I would throw this out there to acquire advice. Our house is fairly new construction, just over five years old in the Westlake Hills area. The water service company is Aqua out of the Rivercrest water system. My system is a two water heater, gas furnace, 60...
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