cast iron to pvc

  1. mcat

    Cast iron pipe to pvc - connection questions

    Hey all, My kitchen sink no longer drains at all which upon closer investigation looks like it's a cast iron pipe that I believe is just blocked or rusted shut now. ( what initially was thought to be a clogged p-trap, turned out after cleaning, to be a wolverine brass p-trap that had eroded so...
  2. Rag Muru

    How to unscrew this cast iron joint

    I want to replace this cast iron stack with PVC starting from the T. How to unscrew this cast iron T adapter ? I believe it’s very old and is almost bonded with female thread. Please advise. Thanks for your time and thoughts
  3. ajmckay2

    Cast iron toilet flange replacement

    Greetings! My main floor toilet leaked on me the other day (basement bathroom is directly below). The issue is the flange was not attached to anything. The previous remodeler decided to cut a hole in the floor and not attach the toilet to anything except the cast iron pipe below it (with at...
  4. MiamiDan

    How to make this leak proof

    We have had a large number of leaks into our apartment and just when we thought they were all fixed we get two simultaneous leaks at either end of our apartment. Thankfully we quickly got to the bottom of the first leak as it comes from a waste line in the apartment above which is currently...
  5. SYakoban

    Cast Iron to PVC???

    Hi Guys, I want to fill in this waste pipe well in my basement by extending the cleanouts upwards to floor level with PVC and then filling the well with gravel and topping with concrete. If you look at the photo, the left of the photo shows the whole house vent, then there is a trap with two...
  6. EricE

    Dealing with galvanized in a tight space

    I've did quite a bit of searching in the forums here (awesome resource) but I haven't found anything that really addresses my situation. I'm looking for options in dealing with galvanized in a tight space - under a tub on slab where the pipe is below slab. Thankfully there is a rather large...
  7. BarnPipes

    Is this pipe separation?

    I scoped my sewer main. Started at my exterior clean out, about 10 feet up the line, just past a 90 I see something that looks like pipe separation... or possibly an old 2inch clay/castiron pipe converted into a 4 inch plastic pipe. This section of pipe has caused clogs and backups over the past...
  8. Pietro

    Connecting new PVC sewer line to a pre-existing cast iron Y fitting

    Hi Everybody, I'm working on adding a bathroom in my basement and I'm ready to make the new PVC branch line out of the pre-existing cast iron one. I knew there was a clean-out already in place with a Y fitting but I didn't know that there was my neighbor's one following mine, and going to his...
  9. Anthony S.

    ABS Toilet Flange Into Cast Iron Pipe

    Hello, I am in the middle of a toilet replacement in my bathroom and when I removed my old toilet, I discovered that the toilet flange was installed as follows: There is a 3" cast iron waste pipe (vertical), ending about 8 inches below the floor level. Into that cast iron pipe, a 3" ABS pipe...
  10. Adam71

    Plumber didn't remove ferrule in cast iron tee

    After reviewing your site and others, it seemed best I hire a plumber to remove the brass ferrule and install a rubber donut for the toliet flange arm to install in my cast iron stack tee. The plumber said he didn't need to do all that work and simply sawed the off the brass or lead arm at the...
  11. Roger987

    Wet vent design; connecting to existing CI under IPC

    I am in Rhode Island which applies the IPC. My questions concern a remodel of 2 bathroom groups on the same floor, and specifically the best connection point to an existing 4" CI drain. The first attached image shows a plan view of the proposed fixtures ( 2 lavs, a tub/shower and a WC), and the...
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