1. TheOverThinker

    Mixed gas pipe size and BTU/Hour

    Is there an accepted/reliable method of calculating expected gas flow for mixed diameter gas pipe? For example * 40 feet of 1", then 40' of 3/4" * 40 feet of 3/4" then 40' of 1" Would the second be limited only by the first run, e.g. 170,000 BTU/Hour?
  2. Hud

    Advice on new softener.

    Plan to replace my current softener with a Fleck 5810SXT and would appreciate comments on a couple items. City water; 15 grains; no iron, 0.6Clorine; code requires 1" plumbing. 2 person household, 90 day average soft water consumption is 75 gallons per day. 1. Is 10% resin a good option. 2. I...
  3. GaryMetro

    End of Gas Piping Run Capacity Issue

    For 70' my iron natural gas piping is oversized, mostly 1-1/4" with 1" at the end. I want to extend 5' to a gas log burner which wants 110-130K btus. But the route is super tight (width-wise, no tight bends), and 1/2" CSST is the only reasonable logistical choice. Per sizing/length schedule I...
  4. james brenner

    Water heaters in sequence

    Ive been looking and trying to find an answer, but can’t seem to turn anything up. I’m wondering if two 50 gallon electric heaters would make more hot water than one 100 gallon heater. My thought is yes, considering there’s more elements, more wattage meaning more btus. Anyone have thoughts or...
  5. jammy

    Circulator pump undersized?

    We have a hi-efficiency, natural gas hot water heating system. The maintenance man said that our circulator pump was undersized for the size of the boiler. He said this would shorten the life of the boiler/pump. We don't have a problem with getting enough heat in the house. The house is almost...
  6. Ukrop

    Different settings for Fleck 5600-SXT on different sites...

    Hi everybody! I just found this forum and hope to get some professional opinion. I just installed softener with Fleck 5600-SXT controller and 1.5 cu ft of resin. And now trying to set the best settings :) I read through posts here and also I found quite informative site...
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