1. TheOverThinker

    Maximum slope for sewer -- handling a vertical step or drop under CPC/UPC

    I'm trying to find in the UPC the right section to deal with a step or drop in a standard 4" sewer line, where the usual 1/4" per foot can't be maintained. I'm aware that making the entire line sloped steeper can cause problems with solids, but that a drop can solve the problem. What's the...
  2. TheOverThinker

    What separation is required between a bath vent & kitchen vent. Code question.

    Hi there; I have a planned remodel, with a bathroom and kitchen in close proximity, each of which will need a vent. This is in California, so the California Mechanical Code (IAMPO UMC based) and California Residential Code (CRC) apply, along with the local energy code. Question 1: I know that...
  3. TheOverThinker

    When did code change to require bonding hot, cold & gas?

    When did the code change to require bonding hot, cold & gas on a hot water heater? Which code cycle? I need to address an issue if a given water heater without bonding was legally installed such at the time -- in California. I know CEC 250.104(B) is part of it, and the date is at least 2011.
  4. tshannon

    Clarification on Water Heater T&P Relief Discharge Code in Calif.

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all the knowledge on this forum! I love browsing and learning here. I am getting ready to replace my old gas water heater with a new heat pump water heater. The water heater is in the garage with no floor drain and with no access to an exterior wall. Therefore, I'm...
  5. MMNN

    1/2 vs 3/4 rough valves for shower (in California)

    Hello, The thermostatic shower trim (and also sink wall-mounted faucet) I’m interested in come with the option for 1/2” or 3/4” NPT roughs/valves. Since California requires max 1.8 GPM for showers plus only one-function at a time diverting, would the 1/2” rough be sufficient? Is there any...
  6. jon v.

    Replacing Copper Water Supply Line with PEX?

    I live in San Diego, CA, and I'd like to replace the water supply line between our water meter and house. The current setup is pretty simple: there's a 1" copper pipe covering the 20' span through the middle of the front yard in a straight line, and it doesn't pass under any hardscape. It's...
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