bathroom sink drain

  1. Pisti

    Rerouting sink from Saniflo toilet to existing drain

    I have a Saniflo toilet in our basement and the bathroom sink is tied into it. I would like to change the drain pipe from the sink to drain into the existing plumbing so it doesn't drain into the toilet, which causes the toilet to flush often. Originally it was plumbed this way because Saniflo...
  2. esjr

    New Bathroom Sink Draining Issue

    Hello, My issue is I have recently installed a new bathroom faucet and matching drain. When I turn on the faucet the water eventually backs up the drain and fills the basin. The sink is equipped with an overflow drain. When I installed the new drain I cut the side hole (on the new drain...
  3. MsPerkyville

    Matching Sink to Drain size?

    Hi, forgive this rather simple question. I really admire this site and have referenced it for many, many years. I have picked out new faucet with associated matching pop up drain for a bathroom remodel. Now I have to pick out the sink. The pop up drain is 1-1/4. Do I need to limit my sink...
  4. Tom Smalley

    Repair or replace sanitary tee behind wall in bathroom sink

    Anyone had this happen? Attempting to unclog my bathroom sink drain by removing trap. In doing so, the glued in, and brittle horizontal ABS pipe connecting the trap to the sanitary tee in the drainline broke off. It looks like I need to either: - cut out the tee and plumb a new one back in, or...
  5. Peggy Noland

    Two Oval Holes in Sink Drain Pipe

    In our bathroom sinks, when I took the stopper out, I noticed two oval holes near the top of the drain pipe (one on either side). The holes are above the thread area for the stopper. Does anyone know what these holes are and what they are there for? Do they drain down into the drain pipe...
  6. Timothy Beall

    Basement sink drain question

    Hello all, I moved into my home about 7 years ago and I am remodeling my basement bathroom. I removed the vanity and found a standard 1 1/4” drain from sink going into a slightly odd array of reducers/couplings to join the 2” pvc drain sticking out of the the concrete. At my local hardware...
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