b vent

  1. bmaguire14

    Water heater too tall for existing flue/chimney vent pipe

    I have installed new hot water heaters (2 x 40 gallon tanks) in my attic, but they are 1-2" taller than the old hot water heaters. As a result, there now isn't enough room between the top of the water heater and the bottom of the existing vent pipe (type B piping) for the vent hood to fit. I...

    B VENT / Draft Hood / Flue question

    Hey all, New homeowner here, been remodeling the whole house. Bought a Rheem 50 gal platinum plus gas (natural venting, only powered flue flap no fan) on clearance. Looked in the manual and it calls for B vent. Ran it out the house and up the side above the roof (per local code). Issue I have...
  3. Mitch Sutherland

    B VENT Install For Water Heater

    I am installing a 3 inch B vent for a water heater. I am 31 inches from the ridge vent. I have a 5-12 roof pitch. I read the code stating must be 2 feet taller than any 10 foot horizontal structure. Does this include the roof? To be 2 feet taller than the ridge vent/peak I would be nearly 3.5...
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