1. TheOverThinker

    Single Shower Tankless for 3/4" Existing Gas Connection? Small apartment tankless?

    Is there an available low BTU tankless or hybrid tank/tankless unit suitable for retrofit applications in apartments, with existing 3/4" gas service? These apartments typically have a single bath with a single shower, and then a kitchen sink. Maybe a dishwasher (which could be plumbed to...
  2. citydweller3033

    Rust on outside of electrical panel

    I got my new water heater today. Terry was a big help in getting me to understand the strange way that my old one was set up. Between the removal of the old unit, and the installation of the new unit, I went into the W.H. closet to clean up the floor and look around. The electrical panel is...
  3. Dave25

    Help with RO water installation?

    Hello there I just purchased an RO water filtration system for my kitchen sink. I think I have the whole thing figured out but I'm having trouble trying to connect a drain line because I live in an apartment and I would prefer to not drill a hole in the main drain pipe. Here's a photo...
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