angle stop valve

  1. KiviP

    Compression supply valve tightness

    Hey guys! I am a DYI'er and I am generally comfortable with plumbing except the 'just feels right' parts. Compression valves are notorious for that. I have 4 copper stubouts in my new bathroom that I put 5/8 compression valves on. I got the Proflo brand from Ferguson. One thing I recognized is...
  2. Steveo

    Toilet Supply Line Length Help

    Old angle valve failed so I had to replace it and needed to replace the supply line as well - the old supply line was part of the valve. First time doing any of this kind of work and wondering if the supply line I installed is the wrong length. I had to put a lot of pressure on the line to make...
  3. John Drazba

    Water Meter Valve

    Hello there. I am really confused and sure could use some help/advice/guidance with this one. The town is changing our water meters from mechanical to electronic type and they have been coming after me to have mine changed. The problem is that the water inlet valve (just above where the...
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