abs pipe

  1. thetoolsmith

    ABS to Wall Hung Toilet through a Floor Joist?

    I'm installing a Toto wall hung toilet as part of our bathroom renovation and wanted to get some feedback on putting a 3" ABS pipe through an adjacent 2x10 floor joist that sits on a wall partition below. Hopefully with my sketch and photos I can relay what I'd like to do. The current 3" pipe...
  2. KiviP

    Trap Stub out from wal

    Hey guys, I have a silly question. I plumbed a double vanity and closed up the walls. My math was a bit off on one side due to crooked framing so one of the trap connections is a bit more recessed inside the wall (3/8 to 1/2 inch) Would this be too recessed to glue a spigot adapter into? Or...
  3. Cadobe

    Shower and tub horizontal drain

    Hi, Is it possible (WA code allowance) to use the Double Fixture 3" Hub to be used on both shower and tub drainage? I like to have the side ends for shower and tub. The long straight end goes to the 3" drain pipe and the opposite used for cleanout. Edited: the fitting needs to be on...
  4. Marius

    Can flexible coupling be installed on a toilet drain 3" ABS pipe?

    I'm doing a bathroom reno on second floor, and in the process, I'm replacing the bathtub with a shower. The current bathtub drain 1 1/2" ABS it connects with the 3" ABS drain coming from toilet using a 3" wye ABS. I have to cut the wye and install a new one, this time on opposite direction, with...
  5. SlavZ

    Glued a drain with an angle

    Can someone tell me if the drain I glued can stay like that or I have to redo it
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