aav venting

  1. IllinoisDIY

    Basement bathroom venting question

    I have roughed in *most* of what we should need for a basement bathroom. However, I am having issues understanding what I need from a venting perspective. We do not have easy access to a main vent stack. Unless we want to rip out walls and vent all the way up through the roof (obviously a last...
  2. BathInOhio

    1/2 to 3/4 Bathroom Venting

    Ohio--IPC Existing half bath on slab, planning to add shower and move toilet. I would like to expand my lower bathroom. It is a split-level home with a lower level (bathroom location) and a full basement (mainline location). I have attached a few drawings and would like to make sure the WC...
  3. Jim the dude

    Should I Add an Air Admittance Valve?

    Apologies for the bad drawing. I laid the pvc for waste lines in this bath and realized that (maybe?) I should add an air admittance valve somewhere. The old bathroom vented fine, but I've changed the floor plan somewhat, hence the question. Essentially, it is a 10'x6' 2nd floor bathroom in a...
  4. HoltH

    Split level home: running new kitchen sewage line in existing downstairs bathroom plumbing

    Remodeling a kitchen that is on the upstairs floor in a split-level home. Moving the kitchen sink to a new location (want it under the window). The new location prevents me from running the drain into the upstairs bathroom plumbing, like the old sink did. Instead, it appears my only option is to...
  5. JSwift

    Double kitchen sink slow draining after disposal trap installed.

    I have a dual kitchen sink with recently installed drain plumbing that is not draining slowly (pictures below). Prior to the new plumbing the AAV was about 10” above the top of the lateral line into the wall (where it goes to a 90° and into the slab). The disposal had no trap, it was a straight...
  6. traut27

    Washer 1.5" standpipe

    My laundry room currently has a washer draining into utility sink. I am updating the laundry room and would prefer to have laundry drain to a stand pipe and not the sink. The sink connects to a 1.5" though and not 2" drain pipe. It has a 90 elbow and goes straight down into the concrete slab...
  7. Johnathan Whitaker

    Kitchen sink gurgling while washer is draining

    New member here. I know HVAC, but nothing about plumbing. Here's my problem: I own a '98 double wide. Nothing has been done to the plumbing since I bought the house. The washer we've had for 3 years has always drained fine, but made the sink make a horrible gurgling noise . The other day, while...
  8. JGus

    Drain line / vent question for new sink renovation

    I'm doing a renovation and I'm installing a new sink. For some reason I can't wrap my head around how to properly vent the drain. I ripped open the wall behind the toilet and found two pipes, one I'm assuming is the toilet drain and the other, the vent. Which pipe do I drain the sink into? A...
  9. Michael M

    Using AAV in bathroom: help decyphering the code

    I'm in the middle of re-modelling a bathroom, and trying to figure out what my venting options are. The original plumbing was definitely not up to any recent code. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out the part of the IPC that talks about "branch-type air admittance valves". The IPC has the...
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