90 degree elbow

  1. G

    Moving toilet over one joist- question about elbows

    Looking to move a 3" waste drain over to the 21-22" mark shown in the first image so it's not so close to the wall. 2nd floor, no waste above this level. Plan to elbow through the 2x10, and then back up to the toilet. A street elbow and a two hub elbow puts the flange about where I'd want it...
  2. C

    Upstairs bathroom to downstairs kitchen sink

    Greetings, DIY plumber here getting ready for a rough in inspection in Missouri. I just wanted to make sure this will pass? It’s an upstairs bathroom sink draining to a downstairs kitchen sink drain through the foundation with the kitchen sink vent above. All 2” PVC. I really appreciate...
  3. Amanda L Roccia

    SC bathroom fitting 2 back to back 90 degs

    We built our home in 2013 here is Fort Mill SC. We've always had issues with an upstairs bathroom. We recently had a plumber come in to figure out what the constant clogging and back filling of the tub was all about. Turns out, the sink, toilet and tub all flowed into 2 back to back 90 deg...
  4. Jay neubert

    Bathroom Remodel - Toilet Flange is Gone - FIX HELP NEEDED

    Hello all, First time poster, but I've heard great things about the Plumbing advice here. Hoping you can advise! I have a long post on the JohnBridge.com forum on my bathroom remodel job, and they recommended that I post it here to get the proper plumbing advice. I'm at a standstill until I get...
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