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Thread: Roof Vent Question

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    Default Roof Vent Question

    I tried to search the forum to see if this topic was anywhere else so I apologize if this is a repeat.

    I have a new house (1 year old). I was up on the roof yesterday and I noticed that the roof vent (sorry if that is the wrong terminology) is capped. I should also add that I have several "inside" vents throughout the house under the sinks and in the walls.

    Is this normal? I seem to remember someone telling me they do this during construction but are supposed to remove the cap. The cap seems to be sealed on there (PVC type pipe).

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    On the roof Just cut the cap off as close to the cap as possible and you will be all set. Use a sawsall or similar.

    Are the inside vents capped also or is there a valve on them?
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    Thanks for the information.

    About the inside, I assumed that they were not sealed as they had a sort of ventilated cap/covering on them, but now I think I need to double check.

    Also, I am on a septic system if that would make any difference.

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    Are these vents inside Studor vents? If so, you need at least one vent to the outside.

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    Call the builder and the building inspector, both of which seem to have missed this in their final inspection.


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